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The First Thanksgiving (感恩节的最初由来)









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The first Thanksgiving is often taught in American schools as a conventional story about the meeting of Pilgrims and Indians that concluded with an amazing dinner. However, there's more to the tale than this simplified version. This video aims to provide a more detailed understanding of the events surrounding the first Thanksgiving and challenges the traditional image ingrained in our culture.

At the beginning of the 17th century, southern New England was home to various bustling communities within several confederations, known as the People of the First Light. Their political leaders, called sachems, had been trading with Europeans for over 100 years before the arrival of the Pilgrims. However, relations soured when deceitful Europeans kidnapped locals to sell as slaves. Permanent European settlement seemed impossible due to the high population of native occupants.

In 1616, tradesmen introduced a disease to the Dawn Land, causing a devastating epidemic that wiped out up to 90% of the population in several confederations, including the Wampanoag. Facing the threat of subjugation by the Narraganset, the Wampanoag chief, Massasoit, sought to save his people.

The Pilgrims, known as Separatists, were a branch of the English Puritans. Persecuted by King James, they fled to Holland but sought a new place to plant their church while preserving their national and communal identity. They decided on America and set sail on the Mayflower in 1620, with the intention of catching fish to pay off debts to their investors.

Upon reaching Cape Cod, the settlers faced challenges, including a lack of fishing knowledge and dwindling food supplies. They resorted to desperate measures, stealing from graves, homes, and storage pits to survive. Their first hostile encounter with natives occurred, but no one was killed. By December 12th, they reached New Plymouth and began construction in January. By the end of winter, 44 settlers had died due to harsh conditions.

In March, a man named Samoset walked into New Plymouth, speaking English and informing the settlers that they were building on the former village of Patuxet, which had been wiped out by the recent epidemic. Squanto, kidnapped in 1614, returned to the Dawn Land in 1619. Despite suspicion, Massasoit used Squanto as a translator to engage with the newcomers.

With Squanto's help, the settlers learned to grow crops and began to fare better. Squanto's story involves being kidnapped, sold into slavery, learning English in London, and returning to the Dawn Land. Despite initial suspicion, Massasoit needed Squanto as a translator. The settlers had a bountiful harvest, leading to a feast attended by Massasoit and the Wampanoag.

The term "thanksgiving" would not have been used by the settlers to denote a harvest feast. For Puritans, a day of thanksgiving involved fasting and giving thanks to God in prayer. Despite the initial harmony, Squanto later plotted against Massasoit, leading to tensions.

The arrival of a ship delayed the handing over of Squanto, and Massasoit's envoys left in anger. The new ship brought 60 Englishmen planning to build a colony near Boston, initiating a conspiracy to kill the colonists. New Plymouth's leaders launched a preemptive strike to thwart the plot and ensure peace, albeit temporarily.

Over time, more Puritan settlers arrived, outnumbering the natives. While the Pilgrims' treaty with Massasoit lasted until his death, other Puritans were less concerned with such alliances. Fanatic religious principles led to conflicts between the two cultures, as Native Americans were viewed as the "other" – wild, savage, and godless. The first Thanksgiving, a brief moment of harmony, was short-lived due to capitalist opportunities, zealous puritanical beliefs, and the eventual elimination of native inhabitants.

In conclusion, while sharing a feast of thanks with loved ones is a tradition, it is crucial to remember the true events that started the holiday, rather than adhering to a simplified fairy tale.


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