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Why Women Kill S01E02  Script (致命女人第一季第二集中英对照剧本台词)

I'd Like to Kill Ya, But I Just Washed My Hair
1--Previously on Why Women Kill. . . 《致命女人》前情提要
2--Hello. 你好
3--Sheila Mosconi. 席拉·莫斯科尼
4--It was lovely to meet you. 很高兴见到你们
5--Rob kissed a blonde waitress. 劳勃亲了一个金发女服务生
6--Not Rob. 劳勃不会
7--Not after what happened to our daughter. 他不会的 我们的女儿都. . .
8--Beth Ann,贝丝·安
9--confront the girl. 和那个女孩对质
10--She might not even know that Rob is married. 她可能都不知道劳勃结婚了
11--Can I get you some coffee to start? 我先给您来杯咖啡吧
12--You look like you could use someone to talk to,你看起来需要找个人倾诉
13--and we're slow right now. 现在店里清闲
14--What is your name? 你叫什么名字
15--Sheila. 席拉
16--Tommy, what's this? 汤米 这是什么
17--I don't know, was here when I came in. 我不知道 我进来这的时候就在这了
18--Is he the only one, or have there been others? 只有他一个还是另外还有人
19--Here's what's going to happen. 接下来这样安排
20--You will go upstairs to begin packing. 你上楼去打包行李
21--You won't come down until everyone's gone. 等所有人都走了 你再下楼
22--Do you understand? I will not be humiliated. 你明白吗 我不要受人羞辱
23--What did you do? 你干了什么
24--You think you're gonna get out of this by dying? 你以为死了就能开脱了吗
25--Fuck you!去你妈的
26--Tommy. 汤米
27--I've wanted to that since I was 13. 我从13岁开始就想亲你了
28--Well, how old are you now? 那你现在多大了
29--I'm 18. 18岁了
30--I think you should go. 我觉得你得走了
31--Hello. 喂
32--Hey, what's up? 怎么啦
33--What? 什么
34--Who was that? 谁啊
35--My friend Jade. . . she has this crazy ex. 我朋友洁德 她那疯狂的前任
36--Oh. . . you fucking her? 你和她睡了
37--- Don't be mad. - About what? -别生气 -气什么
38--Jade's outside. 洁德在门外
39--You've become emotionally involved. 你对她动了感情
40--That is an insult to me这是在侮辱我
41--and the sacred institution known as open marriage. 还侮辱了神圣的开放式婚姻
42--All right, fine, one night. 好吧 行吧 就一晚
43--I told her she could stay the weekend. 我告诉她可以在这过完周末
44--Hey. 你好
45--Thank you so much for letting me stay. 非常感谢你让我在这住下
46--I really, really appreciate it. 真的 真的很感激
47--Oh, my gosh. 我的天哪
48--This is crazy. 这太疯狂了
49--I can't believe this. 真难以置信
50--I'm staying with the guy who wrote my favorite movie. 和我最喜欢的电影的编剧同住一个屋檐下
51--If Jade needed to stay here a couple extra weeks,如果洁德要在这里多住几周
52--it's no problem. 也没什么关系
53--I lived next door to a nice married couple. 我家隔壁住了一对人不错的夫妇
54--They seemed very much in love. 他们看起来很恩爱
55--Until the night someone heard gunshots,直到那晚有人听到了枪声
56--and the police were called. 警察赶来
57--They said one of those nice people他们说这对善良的夫妻其中一人
58--had been murdered. 被杀害了
59--I asked my mother how something like that could happen. 我问我妈妈 怎么会有那种事发生
60--All she said was,她只告诉我
61--"Marriage is harder than it looks. ""婚姻远没有看起来那么容易"
62--Years later, a rich couple moved into that same house. 若干年后 一对有钱的夫妻住进了同一幢房子
63--I always thought they seemed happy. 我一直觉得他们看起来很幸福
64--Until the police came back,直到警察又来了
65--and I saw the body. 而我看见了尸体
66--The rumor was one of the rich people had killed the other. 传闻说 这对有钱的夫妇其中一人杀了另一个
67--I asked my fiancee what she thought had happened. 我问我的未婚妻 她觉得是怎么回事
68--All she said was,她只告诉我
69--"Death is cheaper than divorce. ""死亡的代价比离婚的低廉"
70--Last year yet another couple去年又有一对夫妻
71--came to live in the house next door. 住进了隔壁的房子
72--They were young and seemed to have so much to live for. 他们很年轻 看起来生活充满希望
73--But, sadly,但不幸的是
74--I heard the sirens one more time. 我再一次听到了警笛声
75--I arrived at the crime scene to have my worst fears confirmed. 在凶案现场 我最害怕的事得到了证实
76--I turned to my wife and said,我对我的妻子说
77--"Another love story has ended in murder. "又一段爱情以谋杀告终
78--I can't believe it. "真是难以置信"
79--My wife looked at me and said,我的妻子看着我说
80--"I can. ""我信"
81--*"L" is for the way you look at me**"L"代表你看我的眼神*
82--*"O" is for the only one I see**"O"代表我的眼里只有你*
83--*"V" is very, very extraordinary**"V"说明你很非同寻常*
84--*"E" is even more than anyone that you adore can**"E"说明宠你多过所有人*
85--*Love is all that I can give to you**爱是我能给你的全部*
86--*Love is more than just a game for two**爱情不仅仅是两个人的游戏*
87--*Two in love can make it**两人相爱才叫爱情*
88--*Take my heart and please don't break it**带走我的心 别让我心碎*
89--*Love was made for me and you. . . **爱情一词为你我而生. . . *
90--That looks delicious. 看起来很好吃
91--You know, you're starting to become one of my regulars. 你已经成了我的常客了
92--What is this, your second time this week? 第几次了 这是你这周第二次来了吗
93--My third. 第三次了
94--I'm afraid I don't have much to occupy my days,作为一个独居的寡妇 刚到一个新的地方
95--being a lonely widow in a new town. 我没有那么多事可用来打发时间
96--Sheila, you never told me that your husband died. I'm so sorry. 席拉 你从没说过你丈夫不在了 真的抱歉
97--Don't be. It happens. Do you have a fella? 别这样 生死有命 你有对象吗
98--- Well, um. . . - Of course you do. -这. . . -你肯定有
99--You're so pretty. 毕竟你这么漂亮
100--What's his name? 他叫什么
101--Rob. 劳勃
102--Tell me about him. 跟我说说他吧
103--I-I can't. Not here. 不行 在这儿不方便
104--It's kind of a complicated situation. 我俩的情况有点复杂
105--I understand. 我懂了
106--Understand what? 懂什么
107--Clearly, you're dating a married man. 很明显 你在和一个已婚男人谈恋爱
108--How did you know that? 你怎么知道
109--You used the word "Complicated. " What else could it mean? 你说了"复杂" 这还能有什么别的意思
110--Please don't tell anyone. I'm not proud of it. 千万别告诉别人 这可不是什么光彩的事
111--Of course you're not. 当然不光彩
112--Don't worry. 别担心
113--I can keep a secret. 我会保密的
114--Thank you. 谢谢你
115--I do have one question. 我的确有个问题
116--Has your married man ever told you why he feels the need to cheat? 你这位已婚男士有没有说 他为什么觉得要出轨
117--what? 什么
118--M-My husband had an affair,我丈夫之前也有婚外情
119--but he died before I could find out why. 但我还没搞清楚是为什么 他就去世了
120--Naturally, I'm curious. 我自然会很好奇
121--I'm. . . sure it was a completely different situation. 我很确定 我们俩情况完全不一样
122--Or maybe it was exactly the same. 那或许完全一样呢
123--Who knows? 这可说不好
124--- Has Rob said anything? - Not really, no. -劳勃有说过什么吗 -基本没有
125--I assume it's just the obvious: he was bored with his wife. 我觉得这显而易见 他和他老婆过腻了
126--Bored? 腻了
127--Check, please. 麻烦买单
128--You know how housewives can be. 你知道家庭主妇都是什么样子
129--They forget that their husbands need她们忘了 丈夫们要的
130--more than hot meals and clean socks. 不只是一口热饭和干净袜子
131--Men want excitement and passion. 男人要的是刺激和激情
132--Lots of women just forget to put in that kind of an effort. 很多女人就是忘了在这方面下功夫
133--They don't change their hair. 她们的发型万年不变
134--They always wear the same dowdy clothes. 同一件旧衣服穿了又穿
135--- Can I get you anything else? - No. -你还要来点别的吗 -不了
136--You've already given me more than enough to chew on. 你给我上的这些 我都已经消化不了了
137--Oh, hello. 是你啊
138--How long have you been here? 你在这儿多久了
139--About an hour or so. 大概一个小时
140--How are you feeling? 你感觉怎么样
141--Eh. You know, it's funny. 有点好笑吧
142--You, uh, you attempt suicide with a bottle of sleeping pills,你吃了一整瓶安眠药想自杀
143--and when you finally wake up, they sedate you. 醒来却发现这药只是让你睡了一觉
144--God, what were you thinking? 天啊 你当时怎么想的
145--Look, I was ashamed of the pain I had caused. 听着 我为我造成的痛苦感到羞愧
146--And you thought your death would cause me less pain? 那你觉得你死了我就能少痛苦一点吗
147--It was stupid and selfish. I'm sorry. 这主意又蠢又自私 对不起
148--Well, just tell me you won't try it again. 跟我保证你不会再干蠢事了
149--- I won't. - Say it. -不会了 -说清楚
150--I won't try and kill myself again. 我绝不会再试图自杀了
151--Good. 很好
152--The doctors say you can go home this afternoon. 医生说你今天下午可以回家了
153--Well, that's your call, not theirs. 但你说了才算 医生的话不作数
154--Can I come home? 我能回家吗
155--Well, I've thought about it. . . I still want a divorce. 我想过这件事 我还是要离婚
156--But there's no need to rush things. 但没必要太着急
157--You can stay at the house, and then after a while,你能继续待在家里 过一阵子
158--we'll separate. 我们就分居
159--Amicably. 和睦地
160--Charmingly. 令人羡艳地
161--- Charmingly? - I want people to envy-令人羡艳地 -我想让人们嫉妒
162--our divorce the same way they envied our marriage. 我们的离婚 就像他们嫉妒我们的婚姻一样
163--God forbid our friends should ever pity you. 但愿我们的好友不会同情你
164--Our friends don't feel pity, only schadenfreude. 他们没有同情之心 只会幸灾乐祸
165--And when would we separate? 我们什么时候分居
166--Oh, sometime in July. 七月吧
167--After your daughter's wedding. 在你女儿婚礼之后
168--We've been planning all year to make sure我们计划了一整年来确保
169--every detail is perfect. 每一处细节必须完美
170--And why upstage her? 为什么要毁了她的喜事呢
171--Exactly. You love Amy as much as I do. 没错 你和我都很爱艾米
172--You wouldn't want to ruin her special day with a divorce. 你不会想用离婚毁掉她的大喜日子
173--No. 当然
174--Or a scandal. 或丑闻
175--Of course not. 当然不会
176--Or a suicide. 或自杀
177--Oh, for God's sake, Simone!拜托 西蒙
178--Sorry, darling, but with what I've spent on this wedding,抱歉 亲爱的 但我为了这场婚礼费尽了心思
179--I had to make sure. 我必须确保万无一失
180--Guys. 伙计
181--- You don't need to wait on me. - No, no, no. -你们俩不用招待我的 -那怎么行
182--No. You are our guest. 你是我们的客人
183--And you're recovering from a traumatic event. 况且你还没从那件不愉快的事情里缓过来
184--I'm not worried about Duke anymore. 我不怎么担心杜克了
185--He stopped texting me. 他没再给我发信息了
186--So, what's his deal? 所以 他什么情况
187--- Is he crazy? - A little. -疯了吗 -有一点
188--He was always accusing me of cheating on him. 他总是指责我出轨
189--Of course, I was,我当然出轨啦
190--but I would have appreciated a little trust. 但多点信任的话 我本会感激不尽
191--Did Duke know about you two? 杜克知道你俩的关系吗
192--Sure, yeah. Mostly because of how we met. 当然知道 我俩认识的方式太特别了
193--Okay, come on. 好吧 说吧
194--How did you meet? 你们是怎么认识的
195--You never told him the story? 你从未和他讲过我们俩的事情吗
196--Well, we don't usually share stories about our playmates. 我们一般不分享自己玩伴的事
198--just this once. 就这一次
199--Okay. 好吧
200--I was selling lingerie at Agent Provocateur. 我当时在AP内衣店卖女式内衣
201--Solid opening scene. Go on. 引人入胜的开场 继续
202--Well, I was there to buy a few bras. 我当时去那买胸罩
203--- Red lace? - No. -红色蕾丝那个 -不是
204--The kind I like. 我喜欢的那种
205--So, I was in the fitting room taking my top off然后 我当时在试衣间脱上衣
206--- when the zipper gets caught in my hair. - So she sticks her head out-结果头发卡在拉链里 -她伸出头来
207--and is all. . . 然后就一句
208--"Can you come in here for a sec? ""你能过来一下吗"
209--What are you doing? 你在干嘛
210--Nothing. 没干嘛
211--You had your eyes closed. 你刚把眼睛都闭上了
212--Yeah, I'm just trying to picture it. 没错 我只是想象一下
213--Don't. It's pervy. 不许想 太变态了
214--Okay. Uh, so, what happened好吧 然后 你帮我老婆
215--after you helped my wife out of her sweater,解开了她的毛衣 然后呢
216--he asked in a non-pervy way. 她的老公用不变态的方式问一下
217--We did it. 我们做爱了
218--Right there in the fitting room. 就在试衣间里
219--Sex in a fitting room. 试衣间里做爱
220--Bravo. That was just. . . 厉害 这真是
221--Bravo. 厉害了
222--And I am so gonna close my eyes later. 待会我一定要闭眼好好想象一下
223--Anyway, that was six months ago,总之 那是半年前的事了
224--and we're still together. 我们现在依旧在一起
225--Six months? 半年
226--Yeah. 没错
227--Uh, you told me that you met Jade just a few weeks ago. 你跟我说的是你几周前才遇见洁德的
228--I'm pretty sure I said "Months. "我很确定自己说的是"半年"
229--No. No. 不
230--You absolutely did not. 你绝对不是这么说的
231--Well, obviously I made a mistake. 好吧 很显然我口误了
232--Who wants dessert? 谁想要甜点
233--- I got fortune cookies. - Actually, I was hoping-我这有幸运饼干 -实际上 我本来希望
234--we could jump in the hot tub. 我们能在浴缸里一起泡热水澡
235--Were you? 是吗
236--If it's okay with you guys. 如果你俩不介意
237--- I don't know. - Yeah, you know what? -我不确定 -你知道吗
238--I'm not really in the mood for cookies. 我现在没什么心情吃饼干
239--Why don't I run down to that pie shop you like,不如我去你喜欢的那家馅饼店
240--pick up some pecan? 挑点山核桃馅饼
241--You guys. . . get in the hot tub,你们二位一起躺进浴缸热水里
242--have a nice little soak until I get back. 好好泡一会 等我回来
243--That sounds amazing. 听起来好诱人诶
244--Doesn't that sound amazing? 这个提议不诱人吗
245--Yeah, you don't mind? 好吧 你不介意吗
246--Not at all. 完全不会
247--Honey, I'm home. 亲爱的 我回来了
248--Where are you? 你在哪
249--I'm right here, darling. 我在这 亲爱的
250--I've missed you. 我好想你
251--Is dinner ready? 晚饭做好了吗
252--Not yet. 还没有
253--I've had a hell of day. 我累了一天了
254--I'm gonna go fix myself a drink. 我先给自己倒杯酒
255--Let me know when food's on the table. 开饭了和我说一声
256--So you had a rough day? 所以你今天过得不太顺心吗
257--The worst. 最糟糕的一天
258--My best engineer quit today,我最好的工程师今天辞职了
259--my secretary called in sick, and on top of all that,我的秘书请了病假 除此之外
260--I took my boss's briefcase home by mistake. 我还不小心把我老板的公文包带回家了
261--I hope your day was better than mine. 我希望你今天过得比我顺心
262--Well, now that you ask. . . 既然你问了
263--I had a lovely day. 我今天过得可开心了
264--- Oh? - Yes. -哦 -没错
265--I. . . bought a new dress. 我买了条新裙子
266--Did you? 是吗
267--Yeah. 对呀
268--That the dress? 这条裙子
269--It is. 没错
270--What do you think? 你觉得怎么样
271--It's nice. 还不错
272--Just nice? 只是不错
273--It. . . 这
274--cost a whole week's allowance. 花了我一周的零用钱
275--Why would you spend that much on a dress? 你为什么要花这么多钱在一条裙子上
276--I wanted to look pretty. 我想让自己看起来漂漂亮亮的
277--For you. 为了你
278--Thanks. 谢谢
279--- What's wrong? - I don't understand. -怎么了 -我不懂
280--It has been years since I bought a new dress. 这么多年了我第一次买新裙子
281--And I got my nails done, a-and I got a new hairdo. 还做了指甲 换了新发型
282--How could you not notice? 你怎么都没发现呢
283--Well, to be honest, I never notice stuff like that. 说实话 我从来都不关注那些东西
284--Why not? 为什么不关注
285--'Cause when I look at you, I don't see clothes or hair. 因为当我看着你时 我看到的不是衣服或头发
286--I just see you. . . the girl I married. 我只看到你 我娶的那个姑娘
287--Is that so? 是吗
288--Yeah. I don't expect you to be chic or stylish. 没错 我不要求你有多时髦新潮
289--You're my wife. 你是我的妻子
290--I just need you to be the. . . same old Beth. 我只要你跟以前一样
291--What the hell? 什么情况
292--If you're not going to notice what I'm wearing,如果你不在意我穿了什么
293--why should I bother to wear anything at all? 要不干脆我什么都不穿好了
294--Honey. 亲爱的
295--You want to see the same old Beth? 你要我跟以前一模一样
296--Fine. Here she is in all her glory. 行 一丝不挂的我就在这
298--Why is your boss here? 你老板为什么在这
299--He probably came to get his briefcase. 他大概是过来取他的公文包的
300--Could you give me a moment before you open the door? 你能等我一会再开门吗
301--Definitely. 当然
303--I would prefer you call me Mrs. Grove. 我更希望你叫我格罗夫夫人
304--At least in public. 起码在公共场合
305--You got it. . . Mrs. Grove. 没问题 格罗夫夫人
306--My mom asked me to bring you these get-well muffins. 我妈让我给你带些祝你早日康复的松饼
307--- Oh, that was nice of her. - Yeah, not really. -她真好 -其实并不
308--She just wanted me to find out what happened to Mr. Grove. 她只想让我打听格罗夫先生怎么了
309--- Well, you know what happened. - And I'm not telling her. -你知道怎么回事 -但我没告诉她
310--So I guess it's kind of a waste of muffins. 我猜这松饼是要浪费了
311--But I can still carry them in the house for you if you'd like. 但如果你想 我可以给你送到家里
312--No, thank you. 不了 谢谢
313--Come on, Simone!别这样 西蒙
314--Tommy, that kiss we shared was sweet,汤米 那个吻很贴心
315--but it was not a down payment. 但不代表什么
316--Look, if you don't find me attractive, then just say so. 如果你觉得我没魅力 就说吧
317--I find you alarmingly attractive,我觉得你魅力非凡
318--but there are other considerations. 但我有其他顾虑
319--Like what? 比如
320--Your mother is my best friend. 你妈妈是我最好的闺蜜
321--So? 所以
322--So it would be an absolute betrayal to sleep with her child. 所以我要是睡了她的儿子 绝对是对她的背叛
323--I'm not a child. 我又不小了
324--I've grown up, and I-I've learned some things. 我成人了 学了一点东西
325--Like. . . how to take care of a woman's needs. 比如 如何满足一个女人的需求
326--Just give me a chance to show you the man that I've become. 就给我一个机会来证明我是个什么样的男人
327--That was a lovely speech, Tommy. 你说得很动人 汤米
328--Next time try it without the skateboard. 下次试着不带滑板说
329--God. Isn't this magical? 天 真神奇
330--Well. . . it's certainly nice. 是很不错
331--Nice? !不错
332--You have no idea the kinds of places I grew up in. 你绝对想象不到我是在什么样的环境长大的
333--When I was a kid,我还小的时候
334--I thought that houses like this only existed on TV. 我以为这样的房子只有电视上才有
335--You never talk about your childhood. 你从来没谈过自己的童年
336--Yeah, yeah, that's 'cause it was shitty. 是啊 因为不堪回首
337--It was just bouncing between foster homes只是在几个寄养家庭之间来来回回
338--with parents who only saw me养父母只把我当成
339--as another check from the government. 政府给的又一张支票
340--But you make me feel like I'm worth something. 但你让我感觉自己是有价值的
341--So. . . 所以
342--yeah, that's really magical. 真的很神奇
343--I guess it is. 我猜确实
344--Yeah, it is. 没错
345--Is it? 是吗
346--Hey, guys. 你们好呀
347--Ooh, that's hot. 真烫
348--- Eli. . . - So funny. -伊莱 -真有趣
349--I was on my way to the bakery, and I remembered我在去面包店路上才记起来
350--we still have that pie in the fridge. 我们冰箱里还有馅饼
351--I'm so dumb. 真傻
352--You're also naked. Why? 你没穿衣服 为什么
353--Am I the only one? 只有我吗
354--Oh, gosh, that's awkward. 哎哟 真尴尬
355--Well, of course, there are two ways to fix this situation. 当然 有两种办法处理这个状况
356--I could put on a suit, or. . . 我可以穿上衣服 或者. . .
357--- Inside. - What? -进屋 -啥
358--Inside. . . now. 进屋 快
359--Oh, there we go. Steady. 好了 慢点
360--Use my arm. 扶着我的胳膊
361--It's very kind of you to help me like this. 你这么体贴地帮助我真是太好了
362--Oh, here, sit. 坐这儿
363--Oh. Oh, dear. Hang on. 天啊 慢点
364--Oh. There we are. 好了
365--So, um. . . 所以
366--Shall we begin? 开始吧
367--- Begin what? - The conversation. -开始什么 -谈话
368--You-you must have questions for me. 你肯定想问我些事
369--When did I know I was gay? How many men have I been with? 我什么时候知道自己是弯的 我交往过几个男的
370--Karl, please. I just had lunch. 卡尔 拜托 我才吃过饭
371--You're not curious? 你不好奇嘛
372--Not in the slightest. 一点都不
373--And if this arrangement is going to work,如果想让我的安排顺利进行
374--you can't bring up topics that will upset me. 你就不能提让我生气的话题
375--But we need to talk about this但是我们得谈谈这个
376--if we're to have any sort of rapprochement. 如果我们有意向和解的话
377--- What do you mean? - We've been married for ten years, Simone. -你什么意思 -我们结婚十年了 西蒙
378--You can't say we haven't been happy. 你无法否认我们幸福过
379--No, I can't. 我是无法否认
380--I'm glad you know the truth. 我很高兴你知道了真相
381--Now we can deal with it,现在我们可以解决问题
382--come to some sort of understanding, and. . . 达成一定的共识 然后. . .
383--maybe we could be happy again? 也许我们能再次幸福
384--Darling, I'm not ready to discuss this yet. 亲爱的 我还没准备好谈这个
385--I've moved your things into the guest room. 我把你的东西挪到客房了
386--I don't want anyone to know that we're staying in separate beds. 我不想让任何人知道我们分床睡
387--Especially not my daughter. 尤其是我的女儿
388--I understand. 明白了
389--Where are you going? 你要去哪
390--Oh, I-I felt a little chilly. 我觉得有点冷
391--I wanted to get my cashmere throw. 想去拿我的羊绒毯子
392--Oh, well, I'll get it for you. 我去给你拿
393--- Sit down. - Thank you. -坐下 -谢谢
394--Don't be silly. 别傻了
395--You're very kind, darling. 你真好 亲爱的
396--You son of a bitch!你个混蛋
397--Alright, um, if you'll just let me explain. 好吧 请听我解释
398--- Shut up. I'm counting pills. - Alright, I. . . -闭嘴 我在数数 -好吧 我
399--I-I admit I may. . . I may have dropped a few. 我得承认我可能掉了几粒药
400--There are over 40 pills here. 这有40多粒
401--You said you swallowed the whole bottle. 你说你吞下了一整瓶
402--How many did you really take? Two? Three? 你到底吃了多少 两粒 三粒
403--They pumped my stomach. 他们都给我洗胃了
404--I'm not paying for that. 我才不给你付钱
405--Not when a good burp would have saved you. 尤其是你本来打个嗝就能好
406--And where's your cane? 还有你的拐杖呢
407--Shit. 该死
408--Please understand. 请你理解
409--I was trying to prove I love you. 我只是在证明我爱你
410--By faking a suicide attempt? 用伪装自杀来证明
411--You don't respond to small gestures!小表示你不理睬啊
412--I'm going to work out. 我要去健身了
413--If you and your things are not out of this house如果我回来时你的东西
414--by the time I get home, I will call the police. 还在房子里的话 我就报警
415--Where am I supposed to go? 我该去哪儿啊
416--I don't care!我不管
417--Well, maybe I'll go to Naomi's. 那我或许会去娜奥米家
418--Yes. Uh, sh-she has a guest room. 对 她有个客房
419--Maybe she'll ply me with liquor也许她会灌我些酒
420--and get me to spill all my lurid secrets. 让我吐露出自己可怕的秘密
421--And why would you do that? 你为什么要这样
422--You're the one who kept your sex life hidden. 你才是那个隐瞒了自己性生活的人
423--I was married. 我已婚了啊
424--If you kick me to the curb,如果你把我赶走
425--I'll have no reason not to come out. 我没有理由不出柜
426--And then you, my love, will be another Grace Belknap. 然后你 亲爱的 就是下一个格蕾丝·贝尔纳
427--Remember Grace? 记得格蕾丝吗
428--Are you threatening me? 你是在威胁我
429--Yes, her husband ran off with their carpenter, I believe. 对了 她丈夫跟他们家的木匠跑了 我相信
430--Oh, your friends were so catty. 你的朋友说了好多闲话
431--For God's sake, Karl. . . 老天爷 卡尔
432--But you were the cruelest of all, Simone. 但你是最无情的那个 西蒙
433--"Oh, poor Grace. 可怜的格蕾丝
434--I suppose her carpenter我想除了她的木匠
435--wasn't the only one with a stud finder. "她自己也自带种马[金属]探测器吧"
436--Oh, I imagine我在想
437--those women would relish the poetic justice如果你也落得同样的下场
438--if you wound up in the same boat. 那些女人也许会喜闻乐见吧
439--Why are you doing this? 你为什么要这么做
440--I am fighting for our future happiness. 我在为我们未来的幸福作斗争
441--By blackmailing me. 通过威胁我吗
442--Well, like I said. . . 我说过
443--you don't respond to small gestures. 事不闹大你是不会有反应的
444--What do you think you're doing? 你究竟要干什么
445--What do you mean? 你什么意思
446--You own swim trunks, Eli, multiple pairs. 你是有泳裤的 伊莱 很多条
447--So why did Jade and I just get a face full of ass? 为什么你要在我和洁德面前光着屁股
448--- Well. . . - I'll tell you why. -我 -我知道原因
449--You thought if you left Jade and I alone to get comfortable,你觉得让我和洁德独处能让我们舒服一点
450--we'd get a little loose, a little frisky,我们会放松 会性奋
451--and then you could just slide right in然后你就可以顺理成章地插一脚
452--and the three of us would fuck the night away. 然后三人行 干到天亮
453--That may have been on my wish list, yes. 我可能是想过这个 没错
454--Solid plan. 想得很美
455--Not gonna happen. 但你是在做梦
456--Okay. Okay. 行吧 行吧
457--But what if it did? 但如果可以呢
458--I mean, think about it. 你想想看
459--We like sex with each other. 我们俩性生活和谐
460--We like sex with hot women. 我们又都喜欢和辣妹做爱
461--It's one of the reasons we work as a couple. 这是我们能走在一起的原因之一
462--We've got so much in common. 我们有太多共同点了
463--That's fine for us. 我们俩没意见
464--- But what about Jade? - Oh, I'm. . . -但洁德呢 -我
465--I'm pretty sure she's into me. 我保证她肯定喜欢我
466--What? Why? 什么 为什么
467--The other day, she was going on and on那天 她反复跟我说
468--about how much she liked my movie. 她有多喜欢我的电影
469--I liked The Shining. 我喜欢《闪灵》
470--That doesn't mean I want to fuck Stephen King. 也不代表着我想睡斯蒂芬·金
471--Okay, all right. Well, well, if you're not sure行吧行吧 如果你不确定
472--that she'd be into it,她会不会答应
473--ask her. 那你问问她
474--No, it'd be weird. 不行 这太奇怪了
475--Weird how? 怎么奇怪了
476--Like, I don't know我不知道
477--if she's that adventurous. 她是不是这么能玩啊
478--She fucked you in a fitting room!她在试衣间都干过你
479--Okay. It would be weird for us. 好吧 这对我们来说太奇怪了
480--We've never done anything like this before. 我们从没尝试过这种事
481--No, it doesn't have to be a big deal. 是没有 但也没什么大不了的
482--No, we-we've already got an open marriage. 我们本来就是开放式婚姻
483--Why can't it be open to Jade? 为什么不能对洁德开放呢
484--Fine. 行吧
485--I'll ask her for a three-way. 我去问问她想不想3P
486--Will that shut you up? 这下你能消停了吗
487--I think you know it will. 你懂我的 一定能
488--Okay, but we won't pressure her. 但我们不能逼她
489--No. No, no. 不 肯定不会
490--I will take her aside, I will ask respectfully,我把她带到一边问 也会遵从她的想法
491--and if she says no. . . 如果她说不要
492--She says yes. 她说要
493--You two coming or what? 你们俩到底来不来
494--His boss saw your tits? 他老板看到你奶子了
495--Don't make it sound worse than it was. 你别说得那么糟糕行吗
496--I'm not sure I could. 这不能再糟糕了吧
497--I was so angry. 我当时很生气
498--I changed my whole look. 我都改头换面了
499--Rob did not even notice. 劳勃却丝毫没注意到
500--Here's my two cents, all right? 我提点建议 行吗
501--Spend them wisely. 你好好斟酌
502--Rob isn't cheating on you劳勃出轨
503--because you don't wear the latest styles from Paris. 不是因为你没跟上时代潮流
504--What do you mean? 什么意思
505--Ma! Mikey hit me. 妈 麦克打我
506--What am I, your bodyguard? 我是你的保镖吗
507--Hit him back. 你打回去啊
508--So what I mean is,我的意思是
509--how is your love life? 你们性生活过得怎么样
510--Are you doing everything you can to keep him interested? 你打算竭尽所能让他对你保持性趣吗
511--Sheila. 席拉
512--Sometimes old dogs need new tricks. 有时候老夫老妻也得玩点新花样
513--New tricks? 新花样
514--I was a virgin on my wedding night. 我结婚时还是个处女
515--I only know what Rob was willing to teach me. 我懂的只有劳勃教我的
516--There's a book that you should read. 那你真得读读这本书了
517--What is this? 这是什么书
518--It's a manual. 这是一本指南
519--For married couples. 专为夫妻写的
520--These are dirty pictures!里面全是些淫秽图片
521--They're illustrations. 那都是图解
522--They're scientific. 都很科学的
523--Why do you have this? 你怎么有这书
524--There was a time that Leo and I felt有段时间 我和里奥都觉得
525--our love life needed a little zing. 我们的性生活需要点激情
526--And you actually do these things? 你们真的会照做吗
527--You see page 76? 看到第76页了吗
528--Yes. 看到了
529--That's how we got Benny. 我们用这个姿势怀上了本尼
530--Oh, dear. 我的天哪
531--Yeah. That's not for beginners. 那个确实对初学者不友好
532--Let's go back a few chapters. 我们往回翻几章
533--Ah. That's a classic. 这个就很经典了
534--We like to do that in the shower. 我们喜欢洗澡时做这个
535--You've done that to Leo? 你对里奥做这事啊
536--That's. . . 这姿势
537--how I got my Pontiac. 让我怀上了庞蒂亚克
538--And you really think Rob will like these things? 你真觉得劳勃会喜欢这些吗
539--I do. 当然
540--And. . . 还有
541--I won't feel humiliated after? 事后不会觉得很丢人吗
542--Sex is how women gain power over men. 性是让女人凌驾于男人之上的武器
543--And there is nothing humiliating about that. 这没什么可丢人的
544--Jumping jacks!开合跳
545--Two, three, four,二 三 四
546--five, six, seven, eight. . . 五 六 七 八
547--Simone, I've never seen you work out so fiercely. 西蒙 我从没见你运动得这么起劲
548--I began to wonder if maybe you're upset about something. 我怀疑你是不是有什么不开心的事
549--Not at all. 并没有
550--Just burning off the muffins you sent. 只是想把你送的松饼消耗掉
551--So, Karl's home? 卡尔在家吗
552--Yes. 是啊
553--And everything's fine? 一切都很好吗
554--Yes. 是啊
555--Why do you ask? 你为什么这么问
556--It's just. . . 因为
557--Wanda left the most cryptic message on my answering machine. 旺达在我的答录机上留了条很隐晦的信息
558--Before she left for rehab. 就在她去康复中心之前
559--She intimated that you and Karl were having她暗示你和卡尔
560--some sort of marital problems. 婚姻出了点问题
561--Oh, we're fine, Naomi. 我们很好 娜奥米
562--Now, if you'll excuse me. 那我先走了
563--Simone, please. 西蒙 别这样
564--You don't have to pretend. 你不需要死撑着
565--Not with me. 至少在我面前不用
566--I wasn't surprised. 我一点都不惊讶
567--I've known for some time about Karl's indiscretions. 我知道卡尔出轨的事有段时间了
568--I don't know what you've heard. . . 我不知道你都听说了什么
569--I didn't hear. 我不是听说的
570--I saw with my own eyes. 我是亲眼看见的
571--What exactly did you see? 你究竟看到了什么
572--I-I was picking up my dry cleaning one day,有天我去拿我的干洗衣物
573--and there was his car,他的车就停在那
574--parked across the street at some seedy motel. 在街对面一家破旧的汽车旅馆门口
575--So you know everything. 所以你都知道了
576--I do. 是啊
577--I mean, I couldn't tell you who the woman was, but. . . 我没法告诉你那个女人是谁 但是
578--The woman? 那个女人
579--I wanted to catch him in the act,我有想过抓他个现行的
580--but I couldn't just stand there all day,但我也不能搁那儿站一天
581--waiting for him and his floozy to come out. 等着他和那个淫妇出来吧
582--So you have no idea who he was with? 所以你不知道他到底跟谁在一起
583--No. 不知道
584--Do you? 你知道吗
585--Oh, Naomi. 娜奥米
586--I really do have to go. 我真得走了
587--The important thing is,但重要的是
588--is that you finally know the truth. 你终于知道真相了
589--"Finally"? "终于"
590--How long ago did this happen? 这是多久之前的事了
591--I don't know. 我也不清楚
592--Year ago. 一年
593--Maybe two. 或许两年
594--You knew my husband was cheating for two years你两年前就知道我老公出轨了
595--and you said nothing? 但你什么都没跟我说
596--Wives always say they'd want to know老婆们总说自己想知道
597--if their husbands were cheating,她们的老公有没有出轨
598--but they never forgive the person who tells them. 但她们从来不会原谅通风报信的那个人
599--But you're my best friend. 可你是我最好的朋友啊
600--And you're. . . one of mine. 你只是我的好朋友之一
601--I'm so glad we had this talk. 我很高兴能把话说开了
602--You still want to make love to me? 你还想跟我做爱吗
603--Yeah. 当然
604--I'm free today at 4:00. 我今天四点有空
605--Great. 太好了
606--Where should we go? 去哪做呢
607--You're a man now. Figure it out. 你是男人 你自个儿想
608--Hi there. 亲爱的
609--You're home early. 你今天回来得真早
610--I have a business dinner. 我等下要去商务晚宴
611--I wanted to come home and shower first. 想先回来洗个澡
612--Another business dinner. 又是商务晚宴
613--You've had a lot of those lately. 你最近应酬可真多
614--Sorry, honey. 抱歉 亲爱的
615--Duty calls. 工作在身
616--Oh, before we get in there, got any Jade tips for me? 进去之前 能告诉我一些取悦洁德的小窍门吗
617--You know, dos and don'ts? 该做啥不该做啥
618--Stuff she likes, stuff she doesn't. 她喜欢什么 不喜欢什么
619--Oh. You know that thing you do to me? 记得你上次对我做的那件事吗
620--- With your tongue? - The circle thing. -用舌头的那个 -舌头打转那个
621--- Yeah. - Yeah. -对 -记得
622--Don't do that. 别做那个
623--You don't think she'd like that? 你觉得她不喜欢吗
624--- No. - Why not? -对 -为什么
625--Because I've never liked it. 因为我就没喜欢过
626--Copy that. Good tip. 懂了 多谢提醒
627--Honey, what are you doing? 亲爱的 你在干嘛
628--What is this? 这是干嘛
629--I want to try something I read in a book. 我想尝试一个从书里学到的东西
630--I think you'll like it. 我觉得你会喜欢
631--Beth Ann. . . 贝丝·安
632--I have to concentrate. 我得集中精神
633--- Hold still. - Beth Ann. -站稳了 -贝丝·安
634--Oh, my God. 我的天呐
635--Oh, my God. 我滴天呐
636--Oh, my God. 天呐
637--Seriously, honey, that kind of hurts. 说真的 亲爱的 有点疼啊
638--I'll go slower. 那我慢点
639--You really don't have to. . . 你真的不用
640--Oh, dear. 抱歉 亲爱的
641--Oh, my God. 太爽了
642--I can't believe that just happened. 不敢相信我们真的三人行了
643--Well, it did. 是真的
644--I must have done something. . . 这肯定是
645--really good in a past life. Like. . . 上辈子积德修来的福分
646--like maybe I was Jesus or. . . 或许我上辈子是耶稣
647--or that guy that cured polio. 或者那个治愈小儿麻痹症的人
648--What was his name? 他叫什么来着
649--Yeah. 对
650--Yeah, that's right. 对 就是那样
651--Yeah, it's all about you guys now. 好吧 现在是你们俩的主场了
652--So what can I do to help? 有什么我可以帮忙的地方吗
653--I'm open to suggestion. 我洗耳恭听
654--Hello? 理我下啊
655--Hey, babe, can you just give us a minute? -亲爱的 可以让我们俩单独待会儿吗
656--Yeah, we're both very, very close. 我们俩下一秒就要高潮了
657--Oh. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Sure. 当然 当然 没问题
658--I'm hungry. 我饿了
659--You guys hungry? 你们饿了吗
660--I'm gonna get some pie. 我得来点派
661--Whew. Yeah. 对 来点派
662--Simone. 西蒙
663--Hello, Tommy. 你好呀 汤米
664--You look nice. 你真美
665--Thank you. 谢谢
666--I have the catering van all afternoon. 我包了这辆餐车一整个下午
667--Oh, clever idea switching cars. 还知道换车 挺聪明
668--Where are we going? 我们去哪儿
669--What do you mean, "Where are we going? "什么叫做"我们去哪儿"
670--We're here. 就这儿啊
671--You can't be serious. 逗我的吧
672--You want to make love to me in a catering van? 你想跟我在餐车里做爱
673--The futon is brand-new, and so are the sheets. 垫子是全新的 床单也是
674--Well, technically, they're tablecloths. 其实都是桌布
675--There's no way I'm getting into your mobile sex den. 我才不要进你的移动"鸟"巢
676--For God's sake. 我勒个去
677--Then come inside. 那快进来吧
678--Come on. 来嘛
679--So. . . what do you think? 你觉得咋样
680--You like the candle? 喜欢这些蜡烛吗
681--It's sandalwood. 是檀香的
682--All I can smell is pastrami. 我只闻得见熏牛肉味儿
683--Oh, yeah. We catered a bris yesterday. 对 昨天给割礼送餐去了
684--- I can't do this. - Wait. -我不行 -等等
685--I even got us music. 我还准备了音乐
686--I don't care if you hired the Budapest String Quartet. 你找布达佩斯弦乐四重奏乐团来我也不乐意
687--I'm not fucking you in a van. 我才不要在餐车里做爱
688--Look, I know you were probably hoping for a nice hotel,听着 我知道你想的是豪华酒店
689--but I can't afford that. I'm sorry. 但我负担不起 对不起
690--Don't be. 别这样
691--I needed to remember this is a bad idea. Thank you. 我得提醒自己这不是个好主意 谢谢
692--Wait-wait. So y-you're just leaving? 等等 你这就要走了
693--You've always been a good kid. 你一直是个好孩子
694--And you're becoming a good. . . friend,现在也是一个很好的 朋友
695--but let's not let a silly impulse ruin that, okay? 我们不要因为一时冲动就毁了这份情谊 好吗
696--Okay. 好吧
697--Goodbye. 再见
698--Goodbye. 再见
699--What will you tell the doctor? 你待会儿要怎么跟医生说
700--The truth. 说实话啊
701--I was cut to shreds moments我老婆化身法国妓女
702--after my wife turned into a French whore. 还把我给弄伤了
703--There's no need to be rude. 不必这么粗鲁
704--Well, I'll be more pleasant once I've stopped bleeding profusely. 等我不再挥血如雨了就会更有礼貌的
705--For God's sake. What were you thinking? 我的天呐 你到底在想什么
706--I wanted to surprise you. 我想给你惊喜
707--Well, next time bake a cake. 下次烤个蛋糕就行
708--I got the idea from. . . 我是从一本
709--a sex manual. 性爱手册里学来的
710--It said men like that sort of thing. 书上说男人喜欢这样
711--Well, men on shore leave, perhaps. Not me. 放登岸假才能摸女人的水手可能喜欢 我可不喜欢
712--Well, I had to do something. 我总得有所行动
713--Why? 为什么
714--I feel you pulling away from me. 我觉得你对我渐渐疏远了
715--That's not true. 我没有
716--- It is. It absolutely is. - Nah. -你有 你绝对有 -没有
717--- It's work. I've been preoccupied. - No. -是因为工作 我最近太忙了 -不是
718--It's more than that. 还有别的原因
719--You're unhappy. 你不快乐
720--I see it. 我看出来了
721--Every day. 每天都是
722--You get up, you go to work,你起床 去上班
723--you come home, you eat dinner,回到家 吃饭
724--you put on a smile for my benefit,为了我强颜欢笑
725--and then you go to sleep. 然后上床睡觉
726--That's what your life is. 这就是你的生活
727--And it's empty. 如此空虚
728--Because of what we've suffered. 这都是因为之前发生的事
729--Please don't talk about that. 别提那件事了
730--We've tried not talking about it,我们尝试过不去谈论它
731--and it doesn't help. 但无济于事
732--You're drowning in the routine of your existence. 你已经沉溺于机械地生活
733--I know because I'm drowning alongside you. 我懂 因为我与你同享这份苦涩
734--But maybe if we help each other. . . 但如果我们能相互扶持
735--we can survive. 我们就能挺过来
736--I wish I was a better man. 我真希望自己是一个更好的人
737--You are a fine man. 你是个好人
738--I've made choices. . . 我做过一些
739--I'm not proud of. 见不得人的选择
740--Like what? 比如说
741--Mr. Stanton? 斯坦顿先生
742--The doctor will see you now. 到您就诊了
743--Oh. Okay. 好的
744--I'll be back soon. 我很快回来
745--Rob. 劳勃
746--I'm glad we had this little talk. 能这样聊聊 我很开心
747--I feel better. 我感觉好点了
748--That was fun, huh? 挺爽的吧
749--I mean, I knew sex was cool,我是说 我知道做爱很爽
750--because I'm not a virgin,毕竟我又不是处男
751--but my limited experience with the girls on the drill team但我也就只和啦啦队的女孩子们啪过几次
752--did not prepare me for that. 刚刚真是爽得超出我的认知
753--Simone? 西蒙
754--Hey, are you okay? 你没事吧
755--Yes. 没事
756--Are you sure? Because y-you seem upset. 你确定吗 你看起来不开心
757--No. 没有
758--I now realize what I've been missing for. . . 我现在才意识到我错失这种人生极乐. . .
759--God, such a very long time. 天 已经那么久了
760--So you and Mr. Grove never. . . ? 所以你和格罗夫先生从来没
761--Not for years. 好多年没做过了
762--I told myself it's marriage. Passion fades. 我告诉自己婚姻就是这样 激情会褪去
763--That's what happens when you get old. 人老了 总会这样的
764--You're not old. 你不老
765--You're a goddess. 你是女神
766--Well, the temple's been closed for quite some time. 女神神殿有些时日没营业了
767--But thank you. 但还是谢谢你
768--For reminding me谢谢你提醒我
769--that I'm still alive. 我还活着
770--You want to do it again? 你想再做一次吗
771--Yes. What day's good for you? 好啊 你哪天有空
772--No, I meant now. 不是 我是说现在
773--Now? 现在
774--You can go again already? 你又能再来一发了吗
775--Ah, youth. 年轻真好
776--Eli? 伊莱
777--In here. 这里
778--I got to hand it to you, babe. 真得夸夸你 宝贝
779--That was some kind of fun. 还真挺有意思的嘛
780--Oh, I'm so glad we went there. 幸好我们尝试了
781--It was absolutely . . . 那真的是. . .
782--Yeah. 是啊
783--That's it? 就这个反应
784--Hey, you don't get a lot of I-told-you-sos with me, babe. 宝贝 你不是总爱说"我就说"嘛
785--Don't waste this one. 可别浪费这次机会哦
786--What's wrong? 怎么了
787--Nothing. 没什么
788--Are you sulking? 你在生闷气吗
789--- No. - Then what's up? -没有 -那到底怎么了
790--'Cause you don't look like a man你看起来不像是
791--who just had his lifelong dream fulfilled. 愿望刚刚得到满足的人啊
792--I need to ask you something. 我得问你件事
793--Okay. 好
794--You in love with her? 你是不是爱上她了
795--I knew it. 我就知道
796--Six months. 都六个月了
797--That. . . should have been my first clue. 那时我就该察觉到的
798--I think you're jumping to conclusions here. 我觉得是你妄下结论了
799--I saw the way that you looked at her. 我看到你看她的眼神了
800--When? 什么时候
801--I was there in the doorway. 我当时在门口
802--You two were holding each other and. . . 你们互相拥抱着
803--I can't remember the last time you looked at me like that. 我都不记得你上次这样看我是什么时候了
804--Honey. 亲爱的
805--This isn't about me. 这件事关键不在我
806--This is about you. 在于你
807--Don't do that. 别这样
808--You've been insecure lately because of your career. 你最近因为工作问题一直没有安全感
809--Are you in love with her? 你爱上她了吗
810--No. 没有
811--Really? Because. . . 真的吗 可是
812--that look. 那种眼神
813--Look, I'll admit,听着 我承认
814--she's more than just another hookup. 她对我来说不只是普通炮友
815--And I should have told you about her a long time ago. 我早该和你提起她的
816--But my love story. . . 但我和你在一起
817--is with you. 才叫爱情
818--And it always will be. 以后也都是
819--Okay? 明白吗
820--I guess I have been feeling a little insecure lately. 我想我最近是有点缺乏安全感
821--Yeah. 是的
822--And when you guys didn't come downstairs. . . 当你们迟迟不下楼的时候
823--I'm sorry about that. 我很抱歉
824--Truly. 非常抱歉
825--Are we good? 没事了吗
826--Yeah, we're good. 嗯 没事了
827--I thought we were having pie. 不是要吃派吗
828--Yes, we are. We are. 是啊 要吃的
829--Great. 好呀
830--Just don't expect ice cream. 冰淇淋就别想了
831--Unless you guys like it drinkable. 除非你们爱吃化了的
832--Oh, hello. 你来了
833--Where have you been? 你去哪了
834--You committed adultery, Karl. 你都出轨了 卡尔
835--That means you're no longer entitled这意味着你已经没有资格
836--to keep tabs on my life. 过问我的生活了
837--Eh, fair enough. 行吧
838--Did you go to the gym? 你是去健身房了吗
839--Why? 怎么
840--Oh, I don't know. You seem, uh, energized. 你看起来 很有活力啊
841--Do I? 我有吗
842--Yes. Have you embarked on a new exercise regimen? 是的 你是有新的健身计划了吗
843--As a matter of fact, I have. 没错
844--And I plan on working out而且我打算
845--as often as I can. 尽可能多的健健身
846--Well, I should get going. 我得出门了
847--Going? 出门
848--To my dinner meeting. 去商务晚宴
849--You've just gotten back from the hospital. 你刚刚才从医院回来
850--I feel fine. 我没事了
851--Surely whomever you're meeting with has already left. 要和你见面的那个人肯定已经走了
852--I called the restaurant. 我给饭店打过电话了
853--They're still there. 他们还在那里
854--Rob, please don't go. 劳勃 求你别走
855--Honey. 亲爱的
856--This has been an awkward night. 今晚已经够尴尬了
857--I really do think you and I need some time together. 我真觉得咱们需要花点时间好好聊聊
858--I need to make an appearance. 我总得露个面吧
859--They must be important clients. 他们一定是非常重要的客户
860--Very important. 是非常重要
861--Don't wait up. 不用等我了


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