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Why Women Kill S01E03  Script (致命女人第一季第三集中英对照剧本台词)

I Killed Everyone He Did, But Backwards and in High Heels
1--Previously on Why Women Kill. . 《致命女人》前情提要
2--They pumped my stomach. 他们给我洗胃了
3--I'm not paying for that. 我不会出那个医药费的
4--Not when a good burp would've saved you. 明明打个嗝都能吐出药片救活你
5--I've known for some time about Karl's indiscretions. 卡尔的轻率之举我已经耳闻一段时间了
6--I was picking up my dry cleaning,有天我去取干洗的衣服
7--and there was his car,他的车停在那里
8--parked across the street at some seedy motel. 就在街对面的什么三流旅馆前面
9--You still want to make love to me? 你还想跟我滚床单吗
10--- Yeah. - I'm free today at 4:00. -是的 -我今天四点没事
11--Where should we go? 我们应该去哪里
12--You're a man now; figure it out. 你是个男人了 自己想
13--There's no way I'm getting into your mobile sex den. 我不会进入你的移动性窝的
14--You seem, uh. . . energized. 你看上去容光焕发
15--Do I? 是吗
16--Have you embarked on a new exercise regimen? 你最近是开始了新的锻炼课程吗
17--I plan on working out as often as I can. 我打算有空就去健身
18--The other day, she was going on and on那天她一直不停地说
19--about how much she liked my movie. 她有多喜欢我的电影
20--You know what? We've already got an open marriage. . . 我们已经是开放式婚姻了
21--I'll ask her for a three-way. 我会去问她愿不愿意三人行
22--If she says no. . . 如果她拒绝的话. . .
23--She says yes. 她同意了
24--Oh, my God. 天呐
25--You in love with her? 你爱上她了吗
26--You've been insecure lately你最近没有安全感
27--- because of your career. - Are you in love with her? -因为你事业不顺 -你爱上她了吗
28--No. 没有
29--Has your married man ever told you你的有妇之夫有跟你说过
30--why he feels the need to cheat? 他为什么需要出轨吗
31--He was bored with his wife. 他厌倦了自己的老婆
32--It's a manual. For married couples. 这是本手册 给夫妻用的
33--These are dirty pictures. 这都是小黄图
34--They're scientific. 都是很科学的
35--I have to concentrate. 我需要专注
36--Rob, please don't go. 罗伯 拜托别走
37--This has been an awkward night. 今晚真令人尴尬
38--I need to make an appearance. 我必须到场
39--They must be important clients. 他们一定是重要客户
40--Don't wait up. 别等我
41--It begins quite slowly. 开始很缓慢
42--With a look. 一个表情
43--Or a gesture. 或者一个动作
44--And once the invitation is accepted. . . 一旦接受了邀请
45--The tango begins. 探戈就开始
46--It is a dance of anticipation. 这是预见的舞
47--- Seduction. - Desire. -诱惑的舞 -欲望的舞
48--And love. 也是爱情的舞
49--You know, some say it takes two to tango. 有人说两个人才能跳探戈
50--But sometimes, lurking in the dark. . . 但有时 潜伏在黑暗中的
51--Is a third. 是第三人
52--Now, if you choose to dance with him,如果你要和他跳舞
53--be prepared to deal with the consequences. 做好应对后果的准备
54--For passion can turn to jealousy. 因为激情可以变成嫉妒
55--Love can become violent. 爱可以变得暴力
56--Yes. The tango exists to remind us是的 探戈的存在是为了提醒我们
57--the greatest love stories. . . 最伟大的爱情故事
58--End in death. 都以死亡收场
59--Just a reminder,跟你说下
60--I've got that project due tomorrow. 我明天前要完成那个项目
61--So you'll be working late again? 所以你又要加班吗
62--Afraid so. 恐怕是的
63--Sorry, honey. 抱歉 亲爱的
64--What are your big plans for the day? 你今天有什么计划
65--Oh, nothing interesting. 没什么有意思的
66--Need to drop by the dry cleaners. 要去干洗店
67--After that, I'll go to the market for some shopping. 然后去集市买点东西
68--And then I might have lunch with a new friend. 然后也许会和一个新朋友吃午饭
69--This is your phone number. 这是你的电话号码
70--Oh, I thought you should have it,既然我们成了密友了
71--now that we're getting to be chums. 我想你应该知道
72--This way, if you ever need someone这样 如果你哪天
73--to go with you to the movies. . . 需要约人去看电影
74--I can call you up. Got it. 我可以打给你 明白
75--Now, I rent a room from a lovely couple. 我在一对恩爱夫妻那租了一间房
76--The wife's name is also Sheila. 妻子的名字也叫希拉
77--So, if you call and she answers. . . 如果你打电话 她接了的话
78--Then I'll ask for the other Sheila. 那我就说找另一个希拉
79--Exactly. Busy this week? 没错 这周很忙吗
80--Uh, my schedule is pretty open, except for tonight. 我安排挺松的 除了今晚
81--I have a date. 我有约会
82--With your married man? 和你的有妇之夫
83--He finished some big project at work. To celebrate,他完成了一个大项目 为了庆祝
84--he got us reservations at this really fancy night club. 他在一个高级夜店给我们定了位子
85--He's taking you out? 他要带你出去
86--In public? 当众
87--For the first time. It's like an actual boyfriend. 第一次 就像是真的男友一样
88--Isn't that nice? 是不是很棒
89--What are you smiling about? 你在笑什么
90--Oh, the absurdity of it all. 这事的荒谬
91--I'm having the best sex of my life我要在餐车上
92--in the back of a catering van. 享受美妙性生活了
93--Well, maybe when Mr. Grove moves out,也许等格罗夫先生搬出去后
94--we could start doing this in your bed. 我们可以去你的床上做
95--Yes. . . 好
96--So, about that. . . 说到这个
97--Karl may be staying in my home longer than we discussed. 卡尔或许会在我家比预想中住得久一点
98--How much longer? A week? 多久 一周吗
99--Longer. 不止
100--Two weeks? 两周
101--He won't be leaving until after my daughter's wedding. 他要在我女儿婚礼之后才会走
102--That's two months away. 那还要两个月啊
103--Well, I don't mind the van. 我不介意在车上做
104--No, that's-that's not the point. 不 那不是重点
105--Simone, he cheated on you with men. 萨蒙妮 他背着你和男人偷情
106--Why would you let him stay for five more seconds? 你为什么不马上赶他走
107--Well, I tried to throw him out. 我也想赶他走
108--- And he wouldn't go? - He said that if I made him leave,-他不走吗 -他说如果我赶他走
109--he would tell all my friends he was gay他就要告诉我所有朋友他是同性恋
110--and embarrass me before the wedding. 在婚礼前让我丢脸
111--So he's threatening you? 所以他是在威胁你
112--No, it's just a little light blackmail. 不 只是小小的勒索
113--All right. I'll take care of this. 好吧 我来搞定这件事
114--What does that mean? 什么意思
115--Nothing. I'm just gonna convince him that he's making a mistake. 没什么 我要让他明白他在犯错
116--That's adorable. 真可爱
117--Hey, I'm serious. 我是认真的
118--Please, let me help. 请让我帮你
119--Absolutely not. 当然不行
120--I'm not gonna break any bones. 我不会伤他太重
121--I'm just gonna bend some stuff. 我只会让他吃点苦头
122--Tommy, how do you expect our secret affair to remain secret汤米 你觉得如果你去揍我丈夫
123--once you've been arrested by the police被警察抓了
124--for beating up my husband? 我们的私情还怎么藏得住
125--I was just spitballing. 我只是随便说说
126--Well, I appreciate the passion,我很感谢你的热情
127--but save it for the van. 但还是把它留在车里吧
128--I'd still love to meet Karl alone in a dark alley some night. 我还是想找个晚上在一条小黑巷里单独会会卡尔
129--Careful. 当心
130--He might enjoy that. 他可能会很喜欢那样呢
131--Yes. Um, no, I understand,好的 不 我明白
132--it's just that I've been through the deposition twice只是我已经看了两遍证词
133--and I couldn't find anything useful. 没有找到任何有用的东西
134--Eli. 伊莱
135--Eli. 伊莱
136--Yes. 好
137--I will check again. 我会再看一遍的
138--Sure. 没问题
139--What's that? 那是什么
140--Got it this morning. It's pretty sweet, right? 今早买的 很不错吧
141--Uh, don't you already have a guitar? 你不是已经有把吉他了吗
142--Yeah, no, honey, this is a bass. 是 不 亲爱的 这是把贝斯
143--Five strings, it sounds totally different. Check it out. 有五根弦 听起来完全不一样 你听
144--- Very cool. - Yeah. -很酷 -是啊
145--- Oh, are you going to the kitchen? - Yeah. -你去厨房吗 -嗯
146--Could you grab me a soda? 能帮我拿杯汽水吗
147--Sure. 好
148--With the, the crushy ice? 里面冻成碎冰的
149--Love you. 爱你
150--Did you hear the big news? 你听说那个大消息了吗
151--Eli bought a bass. 伊莱买了把贝斯
152--Oh, I heard. 听见了
153--He thinks it's gonna help him work through his writer's block. 他觉得这能帮他突破写作瓶颈
154--Great. That's how he ended up with his other guitar,很好 他也是因为这个理由买了那把吉他
155--the Xbox and the elliptical. 那台游戏机和椭圆机
156--Got it. 明白了
157--So, how was your day? 你今天过得怎么样
158--It was crazy busy. I didn't even get a chance to eat lunch. 忙死了 我连午饭都没机会吃
159--Oh, God, you have to try this. 天呐 你一定要尝尝这个
160--Here. 给
161--It's hot. Careful. 很烫 小心
162--- That's amazing. - It's good, right? -太好吃了 -很好吃吧
163--Yeah. So, did Eli get any work done today? 是的 所以伊莱今天有写了什么吗
164--I'm not sure. I was running errands. 我不知道 我出去办事了
165--- Why don't you ask him? - No. -你怎么不问他 -不了
166--If I ask Eli, "Did you get any writing done? "如果我问伊莱 "你写了什么吗"
167--what he hears is, "Nag, nag, nag, nag, nag. "在他听来我只是在不停地叨叨
168--I'm just gonna say nothing and be supportive. 我什么都不会说 表示支持就好了
169--This is my supportive smile. Tell me what you think. 这就是我支持的微笑 你觉得怎么样
170--It's terrifying. 很可怕
171--Hey, I have an idea. 我有个主意
172--After dinner, let's go dancing. 晚饭后 我们去跳舞吧
173--- Tonight? - Yeah. There's this new club in Silver Lake-今晚吗 -嗯 银湖新开了一家夜店
174--I've been dying to check out. 我超想去看看
175--I have a lot of reading to do for work. 我还有很多文件要看
176--Oh, come on. 拜托
177--You've been so stressed, and I can't remember你太紧绷了 我都记不起
178--the last time we went dancing together. 上次我们一起去跳舞是什么时候了
179--I could use some alone time, just you and me. 可以来点私人时间 就我和你
180--Really? 真的吗
181--So we can go clubbing? 我们可以去泡夜店了
182--- Clubbing? - Eli. -泡夜店 -伊莱
183--Thought you were playing your bass. 你不是在弹贝斯吗
184--Thought you were grabbing me a soda. 我以为你会帮我拿瓶汽水
185--I was getting to it. 我正准备拿
186--So you guys are going clubbing, huh? 所以你们要去夜店
187--Yeah. Yeah, we are. 是的
188--All right. I'm in. 好吧 我也去
189--Eli, you don't dance. 伊莱 你又不跳舞
190--I dance. In my way. 我跳舞的 以我自己的方式
191--When you dance, you're in everyone's way. 你跳起舞来 大家都要被你干扰了
192--What? You guys really don't want me to come? 怎么 你们真的不想我去吗
193--No. No, no, no. 不 不 不
194--We'd love for you to come. Right? 我们很乐意你来 对吗
195--Absolutely. 当然
196--Creepy smile. 笑得真诡异
197--Karl? 卡尔
198--There she is. 她回来了
199--Naomi. 娜奥米
200--Did we have plans? 我们有约吗
201--No, I just popped in with a question. 不是 我只是想问你个问题
202--Karl said you went to the post office,卡尔说你去了邮局
203--and so I waited. 所以我就等你回来
204--For an hour. 等了一个小时
205--Yes. We need to talk about the entertainment for the benefit. 是的 我们得谈谈慈善晚会的娱乐活动
206--Benefit. 慈善晚会
207--For the burn victims. 为烧伤患者举办的
208--Oh, my God. 天呐
209--I forgot all about it. 我完全忘记这事了
210--Simone, you're in charge of the decorations. 萨蒙妮 你可是负责装饰的
211--It's fine. I ordered everything weeks ago. 没关系 我几周前已经买好东西了
212--My mind's been elsewhere because of recent events. 因为最近的事情我有点分心
213--Are you still up for your number? 你的保留节目还来吗
214--Simone promised the two of you would reprise your dance. 萨蒙妮答应过你们会重现
215--From the country club's talent show. 你们在乡村俱乐部才艺秀上的舞蹈
216--Oh, did she? 是吗
217--I'm not sure I'm up for it now, given recent events. 考虑到最近的事 我不确定还想不想跳
218--Well, if you don't do something,如果你们不表演的话
219--Ida Ford is threatening to sing opera. 艾达·福特扬言要唱歌剧
220--Oh, darling. Haven't the burn victims suffered enough? 亲爱的 难道火灾受害者受的罪还不够多吗
221--All right. 好吧
222--We'll perform. 我们会表演的
223--I'm so glad. 那就好
224--And remember:记着
225--if you ever need to talk about anything,不管你何时想倾诉何事
226--I am always here. 我一直都在
227--Yes. You certainly seem to be. 是 你确实一直都在我家
228--Why did you let her inside? 你为什么让她进来
229--I'm the one who should be miffed. 我才是该生气的那个
230--Why didn't you tell me Naomi saw my car at a motel? 你为什么不告诉我娜奥米在汽车旅馆看到了我的车
231--We're lucky that's all she saw. 万幸她只看到了你的车
232--If she knew you were having anonymous sex with strange men. . . 如果她知道你隐瞒身份和陌生男人约炮
233--It was never anonymous. 我从未隐瞒过身份
234--And only a few of them were strange. 而且当中只有几个是陌生人
235--I am not the audience for that joke. 我才不要听你这破笑话
236--- What are you doing? - Benefit's in two days. -你在干什么 -离慈善晚会只有两天了
237--We need to rehearse. 我们需要排练
238--Ugh, what was I thinking? 我当时在想什么
239--I can't dance with you, I'm still furious. 我没法和你跳舞 我还生着气呢
240--You'll forget all about that当我们成为全场焦点
241--when we're the center of attention,被掌声淹没
242--drowning in applause. 你会把这一切都忘得一干二净
243--Stop trying to charm your way back into my heart. 不要再试图用你的魅力赢回我的心
244--It won't work. 没用的
245--Now, you see, I think you've forgotten你瞧 我觉得是你忘记
246--how much fun we have together. 我们在一起时有多开心
247--And I am determined to remind you. 我誓要让你记起
248--Why are you trying so hard to hold onto me? 你为什么要这么努力地挽留我
249--Because I love you, my darling. 因为我爱你 我的宝贝
250--Well, I'm not sure that's enough. 恐怕那还不够
251--Well, try this one beside. 那你听听这一句
252--I actually like you. 我其实还挺喜欢你
253--How many of your husbands can say that? 你有几任丈夫能说这话
254--Oh, hey. Ooh, thanks. 谢了
255--Oh, crap. 糟了
256--What? What's wrong? 什么 怎么回事
257--I think I just saw my agent. 我好像看到我的经纪人了
258--Lamar's here? Why don't you go say hi? 拉马尔在这儿 你怎么不去打个招呼
259--No, he's just gonna give me a hard time算了 他只会不停地催我
260--about finishing the script. 交剧本
261--There's an easy way to get him off your back. 有个简单的办法可以摆脱他
262--- What's that? - Finish your script. -什么办法 -写完你的剧本
263--This kind of attitude is就是因为这种态度
264--why I introduce you to people as my first wife. 我才会把你当做我前妻介绍给大家
265--Yeah, that's funny. 你真逗
266--Is everything okay? 一切还好吗
267--Yeah. I just really want to dance with you right now. 还好 我现在只想和你跳舞
268--- Yeah, let's do it. - Okay. -好啊 那就跳吧 -好的
269--- Come on. - Jade!-来吧 -洁德
270--Oh, my God!我的天
271--Wischa! Oh, my God!薇沙 我的天呐
272--Did she say "Wischa"? 她刚才是说"薇沙"吗
273--- I think so. - You guys. -是的吧 -二位
274--These are my friends, Willow and Mischa. 这是我的朋友 薇珞和米沙
275--Wischa. Ah, I get it. 薇沙 我懂了
276--This is, uh, Taylor and Eli. 这是泰勒和伊莱
277--How do you two know Jade? 你们是怎么认识洁德的
278--We met her last year. 我们去年遇到她
279--Oh, and it was love at first sight. 完全是一见钟情
280--Oh, my God, you guys!我的天 你们嘴好甜
281--Girl, you look fucking amazing. 姐妹 你看起来太他妈赞了
282--Mmm, when fucking doesn't she? 她什么时候不他妈赞啊
283--Fucking never. 从他妈没有过
284--I'm getting the feeling that we weren't Jade's first threesome. 我感觉我们不是洁德的第一次三人行
285--I don't get it. Why would you want to我不明白 你为什么想要
286--start palling around with this tramp? 和这个淫妇做朋友
287--Because I want to stop her from seeing my husband. 因为我想阻止她继续见我的丈夫
288--And how is buying her popcorn at the Rialto在里亚托给她买爆米花算什么
289--gonna make that happen? 阻止她的手段
290--I'm trying to establish trust. 我在努力建立信任
291--If a stranger came up and said your dress was ugly,如果一个陌生人走过来 说你的裙子很丑
292--what would you say? 你会怎么说
293--I'd say fuck off. 我会说滚开
294--But if a dear friend gently suggested但是如果一位好友温柔地暗示
295--orange is not your best color? 橘色不太适合你呢
296--I'd get rid of the dress. 我会把裙子扔掉
297--If I'm to convince April 如果我要说服艾普尔
298--it's not in her best interest to date a married man,和一个已婚男人约会对她没好处
299--first I must become her confidant. 首先我必须成为她的闺蜜
300--Her close advisor. 她的情感顾问
301--Okay. 懂了
302--So when does this new friendship begin to blossom? 那这段新友谊何时开启
303--Tonight. 今晚
304--I thought Rob was taking her to the club tonight. 我以为罗伯今晚要带她去俱乐部
305--Do you honestly think I'm going to let that happen? 你当真以为我会坐视不管吗
306--You all right? 你还好吗
307--- No, I'm nervous. - Why? -不 我很紧张 -为什么
308--Everyone we know will be in this room tonight. 我们认识的所有人今晚都会在这里
309--You've dazzled them all a hundred times. 你已惊艳过他们无数次
310--Because I knew how much they envied me. 因为我知道他们有多嫉妒我
311--They'd laugh in my face if they knew the truth about us. 如果他们知道真相 定会当面嘲笑我
312--Here's a thought. Don't tell them. 我有个建议 不要告诉他们
313--People will be able to figure it out. 大家终究会琢磨出来的
314--Do you honestly believe we're the only couple here你真的以为我们是这里唯一一对
315--pretending to be something that we're not? 不加伪装的夫妇吗
316--- No. - Trust me,-对 -相信我
317--there is not a woman here tonight今晚这里的每一个女子
318--who wouldn't trade all of her problems for yours如果有你一半漂亮的话 都会愿意
319--if she looked half as beautiful用她自己所有的难题
320--as you do right now. 来跟你交换位置
321--But what good is other people's envy但是如果一切都是谎言的话
322--if it's all based on a lie? 别人的嫉妒又有什么用呢
323--I'm not sure. 我不确定
324--Let's find out. 我们去一探究竟吧
325--Simone! You look stunning. 萨蒙妮 你简直美呆了
326--And you look like a teenager. 你看上去像个少女
327--How do you get your skin so soft? 你的皮肤怎会如此柔软
328--It's called a chemical peel. 是一种化学换肤术
329--I know. One more and she'll be the Phantom of the Opera. 我知道 再弄一次她就变成歌剧魅影了
330--- Simone! - Darling. Hello, Barclay. -萨蒙妮 -亲爱的 你好 巴克利
331--Sandy, you're out of rehab. 桑迪 你从戒瘾所出来了
332--Don't worry, I'll be back. 别担心 我会回去的
333--- Maybe I should go and find our table. - No need. -或许我该去找咱们的桌子 -没必要
334--I've arranged for us all to sit here. 我已经安排我们坐在这里了
335--Together? What fun. 一起吗 有意思
336--I think this is a good time to find the bar. 我想现在去吧台一下比较好
337--Liquor's on it's way, Simone,酒马上来 萨蒙妮
338--brought to you by the most adorable waiter at the party. 由整个派对上最可爱的侍应生端给你
339--Wine, Mrs. Grove? 喝红酒吗 格罗夫太太
340--Tommy. 汤米
341--You're our waiter? 你是我们的侍应生吗
342--Yes, Mrs. Grove. 没错 格罗夫太太
343--Mr. Grove. 格罗夫先生
344--Hello. 你好
345--Shall we, darling? 走吗 亲爱的
346--So, Mischa, what do you guys do for a living? 那么米沙 你们是做什么的
347--Oh, uh, we're influencers. 我们是网红
348--Influencers? 网红
349--On Instagram. 在Instagram上
350--We're sort of famous. 我们挺有名的
351--Are you? 是吗
352--Yeah, it's called @UnderwearEverywhere. 对 账号名叫处处有内衣
353--All these underwear brands pay us stupid money那些内衣品牌给我们一大笔钱
354--to post pictures wearing their stuff. 上传穿着他们产品的照片
355--At famous landmarks, like, all over the world. 去全世界各个著名地标建筑打卡
356--Yo, check it. 你看
357--And the Taj Mahal people, they were okay with that? 泰姬陵的管理人员也不介意吗
358--Ah, we were in and out lickety-split. 我们快进快出
359--We had the best time. 玩得可开心了
360--We've missed you, little Jade. 我们很想你 小洁德
361--Oh, I missed you. 我也很想你们
362--So, um, how long are you guys here? 你们要在这里待多久
363--We leave tomorrow night for Venice. 我们明晚去威尼斯
364--- No. - Oh, so soon. -不是吧 -这么快
365--Oh, that sucks. 真可惜
366--I was hoping I'd have more time to hang out with you guys. 我还希望能多跟你们待一阵呢
367--Yeah, it sucks. 是啊 真可惜
368--- Wait, Mischa. - What? -等等 米沙 -怎么
369--I just had an idea. 我有个好主意
370--I know what you're thinking, and it's fucking brilliant. 我知道你在想什么 简直太聪明了
371--What are you thinking? 你在想什么
372--Come with us to Venice tomorrow. 明天跟我们一起去威尼斯吧
373--- Oh, my God. - Tomorrow? Really? -天哪 -明天 真的吗
374--Yeah, it would be so much fun. 对啊 会很好玩的
375--Well. . . 这个. . .
376--She doesn't have a plane ticket. 她没有机票啊
377--Our assistant can take care of that. 我们的助理可以搞定
378--- You guys have an assistant? - Yeah. -你们还有助理吗 -对
379--Guys, come on, it's such short notice. 各位 拜托 这么急
380--That'll cost a fortune. 机票钱会很贵的
381--Oh, please, we've got tons of miles. 拜托 我们里程数超多的
382--- Really? - Yeah. -真的吗 -对
383--Do you have a current passport? 你有能用的护照吗
384--I think so, yeah. 我想是的
385--Oh, my God. 天哪
386--Um, hold on. 等等
387--You can't just leave the country on a whim. 你不能一时兴起就出国
388--It's irresponsible. 太没责任感了
389--Okay, Mom. Geez, calm down. 好吧 老妈 天哪 冷静点
390--Excuse me? 你说什么
391--Oh, my God!天哪
392--Oh. . . this song is my jam!这首歌我太喜欢了
393--Guys, let's dance. Come on. 各位 来跳舞吧 快来
394--- Yeah, let's dance. - All right, let's do it. -就是 来跳舞吧 -好吧 来跳吧
395--Come on. Let's go, bro. 来吧 快来 兄弟
396--- Me? Yeah? - Yeah. -我 是吗 -是的
397--- Let's do it. - All right. -来吧 -好吧
398--I'm going with him. So. . . 我要跟他去跳舞了 所以
399--Stanton speaking. 我是斯坦顿
400--Rob, it's me. 罗伯 是我
401--Well, this is a nice surprise. 真是个美好的惊喜
402--I don't mean to bother,我无意打扰
403--but I'm making tuna casserole for dinner. 但我晚上要做金枪鱼煲
404--Do you prefer bread crumbs or not? 你想要加面包碎还是不加
405--Honey, I told you I'm working late tonight. 亲爱的 我说过我今晚工作要到很晚
406--Oh. Did I forget? 是吗 是我忘了
407--Yeah, our deadline for the project is tomorrow morning. 没错 我们项目的截止日期是明天上午
408--Right. 好吧
409--What was the name of that again? 是什么项目来着
410--The Delphi Project. 德尔福项目
411--Of course. Of course, well,对对 好吧
412--I'll let you get back to work. 那你去工作吧
413--Now, remember, don't wait up. 好了 记得不用等我
414--I won't be home till the wee hours. 我凌晨才能回家
415--Oh, poor baby. 可怜的宝贝
416--Hello, Claire. 你好 克莱尔
417--Mrs. Stanton. 斯坦顿太太
418--Your husband didn't tell me you were gonna stop by. 你丈夫没跟我说你会过来
419--Oh, Rob isn't expecting me. 罗伯不知道我要来
420--This is something of a surprise. 这是给他的惊喜
421--I am desperate for a cup of coffee. 我太想喝一杯咖啡了
422--Could you be so kind? 你能帮我弄一杯过来吗
423--Well, I'm-I'm not supposed to leave my desk. 我不能离开我的办公桌
424--Claire, how often do I ask you for favors? 克莱尔 我难得开口让你帮个忙
425--Sure, Mrs. Stanton. 好的 斯坦顿夫人
426--I'll be back in a jif. 我很快就回来
427--Don't rush, dear. 不用急 亲爱的
428--Take your time. 慢慢来
429--Hi there. 你好呀
430--Beth Ann. What are you doing here? 贝丝·安 你怎么来了
431--I couldn't bear the thought of you我一想到你拿自动贩卖机里
432--getting your dinner from a vending machine. 买的垃圾食品当晚餐 心里就受不了
433--Wow, that's thoughtful. 天呐 你真是太贴心了
434--I know you have a kitchen around here somewhere. 我知道你这里是有厨房的
435--You can pop it in the fridge until you're ready to eat. 你可以先放到冰箱里 等想吃了就拿出来吃
436--Sure. 好的
437--Claire, can you come in here for a second? 克莱尔 能稍微进来一会儿吗
438--Claire? 克莱尔
439--Ah, she must have wandered off. 她肯定是有事离开了
440--I'm sure she'll be back soon. 我相信她很快就会回来
441--Now, Robert,罗伯特
442--I went to all the trouble of making this casserole. 我费心费力地做了这个砂锅菜
443--I don't want the tuna to spoil. 我可不希望这里面的金枪鱼坏掉
444--I will put it in the fridge. 我去放到冰箱里
445--Mrs. Stanton, here's your coffee. 斯坦顿夫人 您的咖啡好了
446--Oh, you're so sweet. 你真是太贴心了
447--It's very hot. You might want to give it a moment to cool off. 很烫 你最好等它凉了再喝
448--Oh, I don't have time to wait. I have things to do. 我可没时间等 我还有好多事要做
449--Oh, it'll just take a sec. 只需要一会儿就好
450--You're a treasure. Tell Rob I'll see him back home. 你真是难得的人才 告诉罗伯我回家等他了
451--Who said you could have a coffee break? 谁说你可以去喝咖啡了
452--I was so flattered. 我真是受宠若惊
453--Usually when Tommy's company caters one of my events,通常汤米他们公司替我的活动承办宴席的时候
454--he refuses to wait on me. 他都拒绝侍奉我
455--But tonight, he asked for this table. 但今晚 他主动要求侍奉这桌
456--Did he? 是吗
457--The theme of this evening is "South of the Border. "今晚的主题是「国境以南」
458--Yes. 没错
459--So, who chose the flamenco outfits for the waiters? 那么是谁为这些服务生选择了弗拉明戈舞的服装
460--I did. Why? 我选的 怎么了
461--Flamenco is Spanish. 弗拉明戈舞是西班牙的
462--Isn't that what they speak down there? 南边那些国家不是说西班牙语的吗
463--Spanish, as in Spain. 西班牙的 意思是在西班牙
464--Yes, but it still counts as south of the border. 是 但那也算国境以南
465--Yes, if the border is with France. 是啊 除非你指的是法国国境
466--Oh, do you see what I have to live with? 你瞧我每天得忍受多么较真的一个人了吧
467--Such a know-it-all. 自以为无所不知
468--Yes, I'm forever flouting my knowledge是啊 我真是鄙视我渊博的知识
469--that Spain is in Europe. 竟然知道西班牙在欧洲
470--Naomi, can I just say娜奥米 我想说
471--I'm stunned at how handsome your son's become. 你儿子出落得如此英俊帅气 简直令我惊叹
472--I'm stunned he can breathe in those pants. 他穿着这种裤子还能呼吸 我也很震惊
473--Karl. . . 卡尔
474--you're making Tommy uncomfortable. 你让汤米有些不适了
475--Me? I'm not the one who dressed him up我吗 把他打扮成像丽莎·明尼利的
476--as a backup dancer to Liza Minnelli. 伴舞人员的人可不是我
477--Another scotch, please, young man. 再来一杯威士忌吧 年轻人
478--Yes, Mr. Grove. 好的 格罗夫先生
479--Very good. Thank you. 很好 谢谢
480--Hurry back, Tommy. 快点回来 汤米
481--Can you believe how she's flirting with my son? 你敢相信她竟然这样跟我儿子调情吗
482--Oh, Sandy is just being playful. 桑迪只是闹着玩而已
483--He's 18. She's 32. 他才18岁 而她已经32岁了
484--Don't you think that's pathetic? 你不觉得那很可悲吗
485--Excuse me. 失陪下
486--Vodka rocks, please. 伏特加加冰 谢谢
487--You have to switch tables. 你得换一桌侍奉
488--I can't. 我做不到
489--Then at least stop glaring at Karl. 那就别老是盯着卡尔了
490--He's such a jerk. 他是个大混蛋
491--He's just trying to be funny. 他只是想显得风趣而已
492--He's insulting your dignity. 他在侮辱你的尊严
493--You can't say that in those sleeves. 你穿着这种衣服 没资格说这种话
494--Ah, vodka rocks. 伏特加加冰
495--Thank you. 谢谢
496--You've found your calling. 你找到你的人生使命了
497--There you are. 你在这儿啊
498--- Here I are. - Why aren't you dancing? -我在这儿 -你怎么没去跳舞
499--I'm tired. 我好累
500--- Are you about ready to go? - Now? -你准备好走了吗 -现在吗
501--- Yeah. - I'm having so much fun with Wischa. -是啊 -我跟薇沙玩得正开心呢
502--Well, it's after midnight,已经过了午夜了
503--and I got to be up early and go to my job我明天还得早起 去工作
504--that requires me to, you know, wear clothes, so. . . 需要我 穿正装 所以. . .
505--How many of those have you had? 你喝了多少酒啊
506--A couple. 几杯
507--Maybe two couples. 可能不止吧
508--You seem angry. 你似乎很生气
509--I'm not angry. 我没有生气
510--Unless you're going to Venice with those low-rent Kardashians. 除非你打算跟这些低配版的名媛一起去威尼斯
511--Taylor, be nice. 泰勒 说话客气点
512--Those are my friends. 他们是我的朋友
513--Yeah, and I'm just the person who saved you是啊 我只是一个将你从施暴的感情关系中
514--from an abusive relationship and let you live in my house,解救出来 还让你住在我家的陌路人
515--but fuck me, right? 我他妈算哪颗葱 对吧
516--Okay. Um, I think maybe you should go home,好了 我觉得或许你该回家了
517--and I will. . . 我会. . .
518--- I'll see you later. - Okay. -我们回头再见 -好吧
519--- Okay? - Yeah. -好吗 -好啊
520--Are you going to Venice? 你要去威尼斯吗
521--I don't know yet. 我还不知道呢
522--Fine. Go!好吧 去吧
523--Have the best time. 祝你玩得开心
524--- Come on. - What? Now? -走吧 -什么 现在吗
525--- Yeah, now. - Okay. -对 就现在 -好吧
526--Stanton residence. 斯坦顿家
527--Honey, thank God you're there. 宝贝 谢天谢地你在
528--Rob. 罗伯
529--You sound upset. 你听起来很不安
530--Listen, when you were in my office earlier,听着 之前你在我办公室的时候
531--did you happen to move any papers? 你有没有动过什么文件
532--What are you talking about? 你在说什么
533--The final draft of the Delphi Project. 德尔福项目的最终草案
534--It was here on my desk and now it's gone. 之前就在我桌上现在不见了
535--Did you look under your desk? 你找了桌子下面吗
536--Yes, I've looked everywhere. 找了 我哪里都找了
537--Now, this is incredibly important. 这非常重要
538--Are you sure you didn't touch it? 你确定你没动过吗
539--I know better than to touch your things. 我很清楚不该碰你的东西
540--Damn it. 该死
541--If I don't find this thing, I'll have to stay late and redo it,如果我找不到它我就要加班重做了
542--the whole goddamn thing. 全部他妈重做一遍
543--I thought you were working late anyway. 你不是无论如何都会加班吗
544--Uh. . . that was on something else. 那不是一回事
545--It doesn't matter. I have to go. I-I have to go. 那不重要 我得挂了 我得挂了
546--- Yeah? - Hi, I'd like to speak to Sheila. -你好 -你好 我找希拉
547--You're talking to her. Who's this? 我就是 你是谁
548--I think I mean your roommate, the other Sheila. 我是说你的室友 另一个希拉
549--Um, this is April from the diner. 我是餐厅的艾普尔
550--Oh, uh, Jesus, all right, hold on. 天啊 好吧 等等
552--is on the phone. She wants to talk to you. 她打电话来了 找你的
553--Hm. I thought she might. 就知道她会打来的
554--April? 艾普尔
555--Hi. I know this is late notice,嗨 我知道通知得有点晚
556--but would you like to come with me to the club tonight? 但是今晚你愿意和我去夜店吗
557--Rob cancelled on me. 罗伯放了我鸽子
558--I'm a mess right now, but我现在一团糟 但是
559--I guess I could throw myself together. 我猜我可以简单打扮一下
560--Oh, good. 那太好了
561--It's the White Diamond Bar in Burbank. 是伯班克的白钻石俱乐部
562--I'll meet you there in an hour. 一个小时后我在那见你
563--I'll be there. 到时见
564--- What's going on? - Show some respect, kids. -怎么了 -放尊重点 孩子们
565--You're in the presence of greatness. 你们可是站在伟人面前
566--Careful, everybody. 小心点大伙儿
567--These bowls are hot. 这些盘子很烫
568--Tortilla soup. 墨西哥酸辣汤
569--You can't say this isn't "South of the Border. "你不能说这不是"国境以南"的菜肴了
570--Given Simone's grasp of geography,鉴于萨蒙妮的地理水平
571--I'm surprised we're not having clam chowder. 我很惊讶我们没喝蛤蜊汤
572--By the way,顺便提一下
573--have you all heard the latest news about Larry and Sue? 你们听说拉里和苏的最新消息了吗
574--What about them? 他们怎么了
575--They've separated. 他们分居了
576--- No! - Are you really that surprised? -不会吧 -用这么惊讶吗
577--They fought constantly. 他们老是吵架
578--In my day, people stayed married在我那个年代 人们通常会选择继续在一起
579--and found a way to work things out. 然后找到解决问题的办法
580--Well, that's not always possible. 这方法不总是可行的
581--Simone's right. 萨蒙妮是对的
582--People can care deeply for one another,人们可以深深关切对方
583--it doesn't always mean that they should stay married. 但并不总是意味着他们需要一直做夫妻
584--You see, this is where I think commitment becomes essential. 你看 所以承诺才至关重要
585--Everyone makes mistakes,人都会犯错
586--but if love is there,但是如果有爱在
587--then there's a path to redemption. 那就还有救赎之路可以走
588--Easy for you to say. 站着说话不腰疼
589--You and Simone have the perfect marriage. 你和萨蒙妮有着完美的婚姻
590--Oh, hardly. 很难说
591--There are days when Simone regrets marrying me. 有时萨蒙妮会后悔嫁给我
592--Am I right, my darling? 我说得对吗 亲爱的
593--- More than a few. - Yes, I imagine she dreams-后悔的时候多着去了 -对 我想象她在梦中
594--of stifling me with a pillow用枕头闷死我
595--or casting me aside like an old shoe. 或者把我像旧鞋一样扔掉
596--Oh, honey, you know I'd never throw away a shoe. 宝贝 你知道我从来不扔鞋子的
597--But you don't get rid of me that easily. 但你不会如此轻易摆脱我的
598--You see, she gave me her hand in marriage. 你们看 她在婚姻殿堂里把手交给了我
599--- Karl. . . - And I'm never going to let it go. -卡尔 -我知道你永远不会放手的
600--Bloody hell!真该死
601--Tommy, how could you be so clumsy? 汤米 你怎么笨手笨脚的
602--Sorry, Mr. Grove. 抱歉 格罗夫先生
603--Let me get you some napkins. 我给您拿些餐巾纸
604--Clearly, he did that on purpose. 很显然他是故意的
605--No, he just wasn't paying attention. 不是 他只是没注意而已
606--You know how teenagers are. 你知道青少年是怎样的
607--Okay, sober person, here we go. 好了 清醒的人啊 到家了
608--Give me this. 把外套给我
609--Stop. Hey. Eli, don't rush me. 停下 伊莱 别催我
610--I'm not rushing you. 我没催你
611--You know what? I don't get it. 你知道吗 我不明白
612--What's that? What don't you get? 怎么了 你不明白什么
613--I don't get what Jade sees in those people. 我不明白洁德在这些人身上看到了什么
614--- Wischa? - Yeah. -薇沙 -对
615--They're fake as shit. 他们假死了
616--Yes, they are. Okay, legs, pants. 是的 好了 抬腿脱裤子
617--And you know what? 你知道吗
618--Why would anyone want to see them in their underwear? 为什么有人想看他们穿内衣的样子
619--'Cause they're not even that pretty. 因为他们根本不好看
620--Do you think they're pretty? 你认为他们好看吗
621--Only their bodies and their faces. 只有他们的身体和脸好看
622--And now Jade's going with them to Venice? 而现在洁德要和他们一起去威尼斯
623--Fuck her. 去她妈的
624--What's funny? 有什么好笑的
625--You. You're funny 'cause you're drunk and ridiculous,你 你很好笑 因为你喝醉了在胡闹
626--and that's a nice change of pace. 这是一个不错的角色互换
627--From what? 怎么说
628--Well, usually you're the one taking care of me这个嘛 当我做傻事的时候通常
629--when I'm doing something stupid. 都是你照顾我
630--- I do take care of you. - Yes, you do. -我确实照顾你 -没错
631--- I take care of everybody. - Okay. -我照顾所有人 -好的
632--Hey, don't feel bad in the morning, okay? 明早别内疚 好吗
633--Why would I feel bad? 我为什么要内疚
634--'Cause you'll remember how rude you were to Jade. 因为你会记起自己对洁德有多粗鲁
635--Don't worry, she'll forgive you. 别担心 她会原谅你
636--Mm, fuck you. 去你的
637--And so will I. 我也会
638--I am so happy you came. You look amazing. 我真开心你来了 你美呆了
639--It was very kind for you to invite me. 谢谢你邀请我
640--I never go to places like this. 我从没来过这样的地方
641--Well, if you hadn't come, I would've had to stay home,如果你不来 我就得待在家里
642--and where is the fun in that? 那有什么意思呢
643--It's a shame your fella couldn't make it. 真遗憾你的男人不能来
644--Yeah, he said he had to work late, but who knows? 嗯 他说自己要加班 谁知道呢
645--Married men who cheat出轨的已婚男人
646--also know how to lie. 撒谎技术也一流
647--It must be frustrating. 这肯定令人难过
648--Never knowing if Rob is going to stand you up for his wife. 不知道罗伯是否会为妻子爽你的约
649--It can be annoying,确实有些烦人
650--but it's a trade-off. 但这是交易
651--So what do you get out of the deal? 那你从中得到什么好处
652--Freedom. 自由
653--See, I don't want to get married. 你瞧 我不想结婚
654--So this is just a. . . 所以这只是
655--casual fling? 随便玩玩
656--Yeah. Rob's wife will get him back when I'm done with him,对 等我玩够了罗伯的妻子会得回他
657--good as new. 完好如初
658--And if he keeps working late,如果他继续加班
659--it's going to be in a couple of weeks. 那就是一两周的事儿
660--Oh, good. For you. 厉害 你真行
661--I mean, good for you. 我是说 真有你的
662--Where is our waiter? 我们的服务生呢
663--So, April, why don't you want to get married? 那艾普尔 你为什么不想结婚
664--Because I want to have a career. 因为我想发展事业
665--Doing what? 做什么
666--I want to be a singer. 我想做个歌手
667--Really? 真的吗
668--That's kind of why I wanted to come here. 所以我想来这里
669--They have girls that sing with the combo on the weekends,周末这里让女孩伴唱
670--so I'm gonna introduce myself to the manager,我打算向经理毛遂自荐
671--and then然后
672--I am going to audition for him. 我会给他试唱
673--I had no idea you sang. 我都不知道你会唱歌
674--I started in the church choir back at home. 我以前是家乡教堂唱诗班的
675--Folks there think I'm pretty talented. 父老乡亲都觉得我很有才华
676--I'm gonna be somebody someday. 有一天我会出人头地
677--You just watch. 你看着吧
678--I love music. 我喜欢音乐
679--I used to play the piano. 我以前弹钢琴
680--No kidding. 真的假的
681--Yeah, I took lessons for years. 嗯 我学了很多年
682--Well, do you still play? 你还弹吗
683--The truth is,事实上
684--my husband didn't care for my playing. 我丈夫不喜欢我弹琴
685--I made the mistake of telling him I wanted to give a recital,我犯傻告诉他我想举行演奏会
686--and he just laughed. 他嘲笑了我
687--He said I wasn't as good as I thought I was. 他说我没有自己想象的那么厉害
688--That sort of took the wind out of my sail. 这打消了我的热情
689--Oh, honey. 亲爱的
690--Your husband's dead. 你丈夫死了
691--Don't you think it's time you stopped listening to him? 你不觉得该停止听他的话吗
692--Can I just say I am very happy to be here tonight? 今晚来这我真的很开心
693--Well, here's to us. 敬我们
694--Taylor, what are you doing? 泰勒 你干什么
695--You were right. I have to go find Jade. 你说得对 我得去找洁德
696--It's 4:00 in the morning. 现在凌晨4点
697--I was such a bitch, and now she's going to Venice,我就是个贱人 现在她要去威尼斯
698--and it's all my fault, and I have to fix this. 这都是我的错 我得弥补
699--All right, well, you don't even know where she is. 行 但你都不知道她在哪
700--Yes, I do, okay? I-I. . . She's at their hotel. 我知道 好吗 她在他们的酒店
701--- How do you know that? - I put Find My Friends on her phone. -你怎么知道 -我在她手机上装了"找我朋友"
702--- You're tracking her? - I got to go. -你在追踪她 -我得走了
703--Oh, my God. 我的天
704--Hey, what the fuck has gotten into you? 你是中了什么邪
705--I can't lose her. 我不能失去她
706--Well, you can wait until she gets home to talk to her. 你可以等她回来再和她谈
707--What if she doesn't come back? 如果她不回来呢
708--What if she's already on a plane to Venice如果她已经坐上去威尼斯的飞机
709--and I never see her again? 我再也见不到她了呢
710--You just said she's at the hotel. 你刚说她在酒店
711--I need her. 我需要她
712--If she leaves, this whole fucking thing falls apart. 如果她走了 一切都会支离破碎
713--No. . . 不
714--No. 不行
715--Stop the car. 停车
716--What does that mean? 这是什么意思
717--What whole thing falls apart? 一切都支离破碎
718--Eli, get off. 伊莱 下去
719--No, you're gonna get out不 你得给我出来
720--and you're gonna talk to me right now, taylor. 现在跟我谈谈 泰勒
721--Really? 真的吗
722--Just talk to me, Taylor. 跟我谈谈 泰勒
723--What's going on? 怎么了
724--Come on. 拜托
725--I asked you before if you were in love with her. 我之前问过你是否爱上她了
726--I-I know, I know. 我知道 我知道
727--- You lied to me. - Not exactly. -你骗了我 -也不是
728--Then what the hell are we doing in the driveway? 那我们在这儿干什么
729--Eli, come on, please. 伊莱 拜托 求你了
730--This is, this is too hard!这 这太艰难了
731--- What? - I-I don't know. -什么 -我不知道
732--- What? - My life, my l. . . my life is so hard!-什么事 -我的生活 我的生活太艰难了
733--I-I. . . The hours I work, the cases I take. 我每天要工作那么久 接的案子又糟心
734--And then I come home to this house. 然后回到这个房子
735--This big, fucking house that we can't afford!这个我们负担不起的大房子
736--And I have to pay for it房贷的钱得我出
737--because you haven't sold a script in two years. 因为你已经有两年没卖出过剧本了
738--But I can't bring that up但我不能提起这事
739--because then I'm a bitch. 不然我就成了坏人了
740--So I say nothing. 所以我绝口不提
741--And Jade is the only thing in my life that is easy. 而洁德是我生活里唯一轻松的事
742--'Cause she doesn't take. 因为她不索取
743--She only gives. 她只给予
744--If she leaves, I don't know what I'm gonna do. 如果她离开 我不知道我会怎么做
745--Why didn't you tell me any of this before? 你怎么不早点跟我说这些
746--Come on. 拜托
747--I don't want to hurt you. 我不想伤害你
748--Oh, well, great call. 好明智的决定
749--'Cause it hurts. 因为你伤到我了
750--So, I mean. . . 那. . .
751--Do you want me to go? 你想我走吗
752--No. 不
753--Eli, I love you. 伊莱 我爱你
754--But you want her to stay. 但你想让她留下
755--I mean. . . 我
756--How does that even work? 这样要怎么成
757--I don't know. 我不知道
758--I don't. 真的
759--But it has to. 但必须成
760--Because otherwise, it's just too hard to be married to me. 不然跟我做夫妻太难了
761--No. Eli. . . 不 伊莱
762--I got fired. 我被炒了
763--I'm not surprised. What you did was childish. 一点不意外 你的行为太幼稚了
764--- He was grabbing you. - He was holding my hand. -他当时抓着你 -他是握着我的手
765--- Why do you keep defending him? - I'm not. -你为什么一直帮他说话 -我没有
766--He's lied to you, he's cheated on you他骗了你 背着你出轨
767--and he won't leave your home. 还不肯离开你家
768--The situation is complicated. 情况太复杂了
769--Well, yeah, it must be, because it makes no sense. 是啊 因为根本不合逻辑
770--- You should hate him. - I know, I know, it's just. . . -你应该恨他 -我知道 只是
771--He's my husband. 他是我丈夫
772--He puts up with my extravagance and my nonsense. 他忍受我的奢侈和无理取闹
773--He tells me I'm beautiful when I need to hear it the most and. . . 他会在我最需要赞美的时候夸我漂亮
774--he makes me laugh in a way that no one else can. 他可以用独一无二的方式逗我笑
775--Simone. . . 萨蒙妮
776--One day, I will divorce Karl,我总有一天会和卡尔离婚的
777--but I will never hate him,但我永远不会恨他
778--because I can't. 因为我做不到
779--Where does that leave me? 那我怎么办
780--In the back of a van在餐车上
781--having a marvelous time. 度过欢愉时光
782--Yeah, well, van came with the job, so. . . 餐车是公司配的
783--Don't worry. 别担心
784--We'll figure it out. 我们会想办法解决的
785--Mrs. Grove. 格罗夫太太
786--Mrs. Harte says it's time for your number. 哈特夫人说该你们表演了
787--Thank you. 谢谢
788--I have to go. 我得走了
789--Listen, about tonight, I'm so sorry. 那个 关于今晚 我很抱歉
790--- You don't have to apologize. - No, I do. -你不必道歉 -不 有必要
791--I really do. 真的
792--Thank you. 谢谢
793--So, I decided to go to Venice with Mischa and Willow. 我决定和米沙还有薇珞去威尼斯
794--It's time. 是时候了
795--Being here with you and Eli, it's. . . 跟你和伊莱生活在一起
796--. . . starting to feel like a home. 这里让我几乎有了家的感觉
797--I'm getting attached. 我产生了感情
798--Which always leads to me getting hurt. 最后我总是会受伤
799--When it ends. So. . . 在结束的时候
800--I should go. 我应该离开
801--What if it doesn't have to end? 如果不需要结束呢
802--What if you stayed? 如果你能留下呢
803--What if this was your home? 如果这就是你家呢
804--Here with us. 把这当做你家
805--What are you saying? 你什么意思
806--Live with us. 和我们一起生活
807--Be with us. 跟我们在一起
808--Yeah. 对
809--There's no reason to leave. 没理由离开
810--You just got home. 你才刚回家
811--Hi. 嗨
812--Oh, you're still up. 你还没睡
813--Of course. 当然
814--Did you get your work finished? 你搞定工作了吗
815--Yep. 嗯
816--I redid the whole project. It took forever. 我重新做了整个项目 花了好久
817--I could fix you a snack if you like. 你想的话我可以给你做点心
818--No. I'm gonna make myself a martini, take a shower不用 我去弄杯马天尼 然后洗个澡
819--and go to bed. 就睡觉
820--All right. 好
821--Would it bother you if I played the piano for a bit? 我弹会儿钢琴可以吗
822--It's after midnight. 已经过了午夜了
823--I know. If you'd rather I didn't. . . 我知道 如果你介意的话. . .
824--Nah. Whatever you want. 不 你想弹就弹吧
825--Honey, I need an olive for my martini. 亲爱的 我的马天尼需要橄榄
826--Check the fridge. 看看冰箱
827--- I can't find the olives. - Top shelf. -找不到橄榄 -最上面
828--I checked. They weren't there. 我找了 不在
829--Check again. 再找找
831--It's not really a martini没有橄榄
832--without an olive. 就算不上是马天尼
833--Thanks. You know,谢谢 你知道
834--it is so late. 很晚了
835--We should turn in. 我们该去睡了


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