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Hi this is Victoria Tony with another salestraining moment
I briefly want to talk about how to close asale
now I've gotten this question via email
and I want to really address it directly tokind of get people to understand
why people don't buy and then how toovercome that
now I've mentioned before that this 5reasons customers won't buy
I call it mountain nut as an acronym itstands for no money no time no need no urgency or trust let me say it again nomoney no need no need no urgency no trust now when you're talking to a customerhere's a model I want you to have in your head they're resistant to buying yourproduct so when you're first
talking on the resistance is hot they don'twant to be sold right there so there was some resistance there our job is tolower the resistance over time whatever that presentation time is over time andsomewhere there's this magical
line where you cross over there they go upby you've convinced me now's the time to buy now let's look at the five reasonspeople don't buy first one is money
now there's a small percentage of people wholiterally don't have the money to buy but I believe that there a small percentagethe majority people have the
money and are willing to spend the money ifyou can show them the value of what you're offering
so money isn't really an excuse it reallyisn't some people say they don't have any time well guess what now I don't buythat one either because if I could show you how to save money you will make thetime to save that money if I could show you how to make more money
you will take time to learn how to make moremoney so you know time is not really an issue if you can prove the value so ifmoney is not the issue time is not the issue
maybe it's need hmm interesting some peopleknow they need something some people don't there's something called a triggerevent I've mentioned this in my other video a trigger event something happensthat you realize you need to do something so maybe the customer has a needthat's one person but then there's people who don't know they need something soour job is to make them aware that they need it so we first have to askourselves does the client know that they need this product some clients willsay no some will say yes if they say yes great if they say no
then our job first is to demonstrate why theyneed the product now here's the kicker just because they need it doesn't meanthey'll buy it so what we have to do is move to the next phase which now thatwe know that they need it now that they know that they need it is it urgent
we've all been in this situation you know Ineed that but do I really need to get it now in other words is it really thaturgent so then our job now if it's not about the money it's not about the
time they know they need it that our job isto really to create a sense of urgency why they should do it when now so whatwe have to do is show them and again depending on your product or service youhave to show them why they need to take action now in other words if they don'ttake action now they're gonna lose money if they don't take action now they'renot gonna make as much money if they don't take action now they're gonna missout on a great opportunity you have to learn to position in such a way that thecustomer feels this sense of urgency now again in the past and in my othervideos I talked about selling the game and selling the pain you can sell thegame which is the features and benefits but it's always good also to sell thepain of not making a decision okay so again we need to
create that sense of urgency last but notleast you've got them to knowledge that they need it you move them over to asense of urgency the last part is now that I know I need it is urgent I have totake action the last part is trust do I trust you and the product or service
you're offering to solve my problem that canreally help me can it really help me so the last part is all about trust so keepthis in mind I want this to be your little mackerel sales model when you're
talking to a customer ask yourself is it moneytime need urgency or trust
so if they don't buy I want you to kind of startanalyzing why they're not buying is it really about the money is it reallyabout the time maybe I didn't create the need first or maybe even if I didcreate the need maybe there's my story isn't compelling enough to create thatsense of urgency or maybe you did create the need maybe you showed them and itwas urgent but you know what they didn't trust you
so then you have to ask yourself how do Idevelop more credibility how do I gain there and as you begin looking at thesefive pieces of your sales presentation you'll begin to get a better idea of howto position your product and how to walk through these spaces these five phasesof not buying and if you do it effectively if you know how to reduce theirresistance by showing us that they
needed showing them that it's urgent and lastbut not least that you're trustworthy
you will hit that famous by level this isVictor Antonio with another sales training moment arriving you delegate hardwhen you know how take care


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