Some background information as to how the author of DH gained his momentum.
2019-7-2 17:04
LOS ANGELES, Oct. 22 - Two years ago, Marc Cherry was a 40-year-old television writer who felt his career was rapidly sliding downhill. His script, "Desperate Housewives," had been sent to every broadcast and cable network as a black comedy and was rejected by all of them. His agent was arrested fo ...
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Wechat Group English learning
2019-5-31 16:18
It takes all sorts to form a world, it also takes significant efforts to build up an active group, not to mention the countless hours we have been investing into pursuing English proficiency. So, before we truly master any given language, we should have a clear picture as to how ...
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2019-5-25 23:16
Have you experienced something like this, someday you and your friend talked about wanting to buy a new shoe or a new car, and the next time you open your Facebook, there is a shoe or car ads on the page. or the other day, you're typing a keyword "How to lose weight", and the next time you open a ...
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