91talk 2020-1-12 01:15
看完 why women kill 《致命女人》,没觉得是“爽剧”,黑色喜剧风格在看的过程当中间歇性地哈哈笑,但是并没有一笑而过,笑完发现这剧挺耐嚼, 值二刷 。 为锻炼听力,我看无字幕原版,抓住 90% 内容,无规律地需要问先生刚才说了啥,争取到 95% 吧以后。 整个剧轻松幽默,节奏明朗轻快,让 ...
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关于区块链技术相关英文(BlockChain Technology)
owenlee 2019-11-17 17:13
Many problems exist with the conventional centralized exchanges: 1.Poor market depth leading to inability of executing instant market orders 2.Frequent coin theft cases raise issue to asset security management 3.The hassle of registering and managing multiple accounts due to the limited number o ...
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51learn 2019-10-12 04:28
所谓抽丝剥茧,顾名思义:丝得一根一根地抽,茧得一层一层地剥。形容分析事物极为细致,而且一步一步很有层次。 Peel back the onion: Peeling the onion means to go beyond the outside appearances when judging something or someone. People have a great many facets to their personalities that ...
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91talk 2019-10-6 10:39
1、MP3与LRC是一套可以帮助我们节省手机空间、我们没有必要为了腾挪空间,总是纠结:该删除或保留哪部电影或美剧; 2、同时将注意力集中于英语听力的资源组合;用阅读的方式感知画面,使得我们在学习知识点的时候融入了自己的想象,帮助我们加深记忆; 2、LRC除了能够帮助我们像听歌一样学英语之外,还有一项重要的功能: ...
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刘欣China Daily演讲文稿
51learn 2019-10-3 18:38
I was totally oversold! my goodness! such high expectations I'll be shivering with nervousness but anyway I am here, I have to answer the call so on it's a great pleasure to be here since I joined CCTV 20 years ago I have been doing one thing actually since I ent ...
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Is China the new idol for emerging economies?
51learn 2019-10-3 18:35
1--"Give me liberty or give me death." 2--When Patrick Henry, the governor of Virginia, said these words in 1775, 3--he could never have imagined 4--just how much they would come to resonate with American generations to come. 5--At the time, these words wer ...
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In order to keep up with the Joneses, we have to strike while the iron is hot.
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Learning English From wechat group
51learn 2019-10-3 18:29
Thank you very much for your valuable thoughts and inspiring ideas, I've just read through all the content you put together, and I like the way how you break the unreachable down into little available chunks, you also mentioned a theory of selecting movies based on how much percentage we're able to ...
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Success breeds complacency, complacency breeds failure. Only the paranoid Survive, only the thick-skinned thrive!
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owenlee 2019-8-24 02:08
我以自己的实际经历,给大家讲讲一个追求完美的人,是怎样的一种思维模式和工作状态。我呢,是处女座的,很多人说处女座的人追求完美,眼里不揉沙子,我算是个代表。前几天有朋友推荐,来了个客户,找我给她做小程序,这个客户呢?有激情、有梦想, 30 岁出头,从街边摆地堆到白手起家,在北京刚开了家轰趴馆,她经常帮 ...
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