Unhealthy Competition in the Marriage
2021-5-29 14:54
Sometimes couples begin to look more like squabbling siblings rather than loving partners when they compete with another. Although healthy competition can be a good thing in other areas of your life, ideally in the marriage, it is best if you can work together as a team without competing agai ...
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It Takes Two to mess up a Relationship is bull
2021-3-1 22:37
I contend it only takes one, Evidence shows that it only takes one person to ruin a relationship one selfish person. Now, I realize that everyone is selfish to one degree or another. The type of selfishness that ruins relationships is the one that freequently disregards the needs, wants, and ...
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2020-11-30 19:55
Five-card draw. Nothing wild. 五张牌 老规矩 Five-card draw. Nothing wild. 五张抽 不允许百搭牌 Dr. Goldfine: And you understand I have to treat this as a session. 请理解我得把这次算在疗程里 Bree: Of course. That's fine. 当然 没关系的 ------ Shall I include the meal? 我需要承担餐费吗 Dr. Go ...
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2020-10-10 00:29
S01E12: Harvey:Feeling good? 感觉好吗 好极了 Mike: Never better. You? 你呢 Harvey:I'm ready to roll. 蓄势/整装待发 Louis:Jessica. Jessica:Louis. Louis: How are you? Jessica: Nev ...
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5 Best Modern American Sitcoms to Learn English
2020-10-2 12:02
Are you tired of your English grammar books? Had enough repetitive exercises for learning English? When you get home, doing even more English exercises is probably the last thing you want to do. Sometimes all you want to do is to sit back, turn on the TV and chill out (relax). Well, ...
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2020-10-1 20:25
I hate to burst your bubble, but now I realize that parents are the root cause which leds to ​success or failure of our underage child 得到一个结论: 除了父母自己,别指望任何人、任何机构能帮你带出像Miss Chu那样聪慧自信的小孩(真的不想打碎部分家长的泡影,但未成年孩子能否茁壮成长,根源在于父母 ...
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2020-5-25 11:22
首先谈谈看电影学英语:通过观看自己感兴趣的电影来学习英语,就好比你在较短时间内完整领略一段风景秀丽的旅程之后,再细细回味沿途的风景。不过看电影学英语也有其明显的劣势,比如:短短的2个小时左右,无法呈现多样化的场景,另外为体现戏剧效果,很多场景不一定能够与现实生活相关联。 再说下看美剧学英语:由于 ...
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